Crucible Act 3

As the act opens, who is being interrogated and on what charge? Martha Corey is being interrogated for hurting children
What is Mary Warren now prepared to tell the court? The other girls pretended to be affected by witchcraft
What two facts about John Proctor does Ezekiel Cheever feel compelled to reveal to Danforth? Proctor ripped the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest and he plows on Sundays instead of attending church.
What compromise, or deal, does Danforth offer to Proctor? What is Proctors response? They won’t kill Elizabeth until she delivers the baby she is pregnant with, if Proctor will drop his condemnation of the court. Proctor refuses
How do Hathorne and Parris persuade Danforth to respond to the deposition that lists ninety one supporters of Rebecca, Elizabeth and Martha Corey? They persuade him that the girls should be summoned for questioning because the deposition is an attack on the court.
What does Giles Corey allege in his deposition about the behavior of Thomas Putnam? According to Corey, what are Putnam’s motives? What legal maneuver does Danforth use to declare Corey in contempt of court? Putnam told his daughter to accuse George Jacobs of witchcraft because if he dies he would forfeit his property. He is charged for contempt of court because he does not say Putnam’s name.
At what point does John Hale begin to show that the is less than satisfied with the court’s procedures? When the deposition is considered an attack on the court he argues that every defense is an attack on the court.
How does Abigail threaten Danforth? She tells him he is vulnerable to the power of hell and it is affecting his judgement
What confession does Proctor make in open court? How does Danforth test the truth of this confession? What is the ironic result? He confesses the affair. Danforth has him and Abigail turn their backs to Elizabeth who is asked why she fired Abigail.
What device do Abigail and the other girls use to drive Mary Warren over the brink of hysteria? They scream saying Mary sent her spirit at them causing her to scream with them.

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