Crucible Act 1 and 2

Predilection prexisting preference
Ingratiating Charming; flattering
Dissembling Concealment of ones real nature or motives
Columny False accusations
Evade Avoid and escape by deceit or cleverness
Propitiation Action design to soothe
Inculcation The act of teaching or influencing persistently and repeatedly so as to implant or instill an idea, theory, or attitude
Tituba Parris’ slave in her 40s
Betty Parris Daughter of reverend Parris
Puritans in general Didn’t read or write because it was seen to be a waste of time, hardworking, very religious
Salem Village Survival was more important than religion, developed a theocracy
Society at large Sex, devil and evil are present
Parris and Betty Parris is more concerned of his reputation then the general heath of Betty
Parris and Tituba Parris blames Tituba for Betty’s condition
Parris and Abigail Abigail is always lying to Parris and making up stories. Parris says that Abigail is ungrateful for everything Parris has done for her.
Abigail and Betty Betty went along with what Abigail wanted to do
Abigail and Elizabeth Proctor Abigail hate Elizabeth and wants her dead. Abigail believes that Elizabeth is the reason that she is not with John Proctor
Abigail and John Proctor They had an affair and Abigail is still attached to it but John is not
Parris and Thomas Putnam They disagree on how to approach the situations with there daughters and witchcraft
Mrs. Putnam and Tituba Mrs. Putnam blames Tituba for what was happening to Ruth and the death of her other daughters
Mrs. Putnam and Betty Mrs. Putnam’s daughter was going through the same thing as Betty
What is the source of conflict between John and Elizabeth? The source of the conflict between John and Elizabeth is the affair between John and Abigail.
What does John accuse Elizabeth of? John accused Elizabeth of being untrustworthy of him, there house is a courtroom, she has suspicious of his every move, and for their marriage to go on in the right direction she has to forgive him.
What does Elizabeth accuse John of? Elizabeth accuses John of going to Salem and said that he still has feelings for Abigail.
Who do you sympathize more with? I sympathize more with John because he is being honest and vulnerable with only wanting her trust and she brushes him off.
What conflict is developing between the Proctors and the community? The conflict developing is the ongoing scandal of witchcraft. No one really John or trusts the Proctors. They never go to church and only 2 of their three sons are not baptized.
Do you think that the authorities are more likely to believe Proctor of Abigail? Why? (Use evidence to support you answer? I think that they will believe Abigail because she is more trustworthy to them and she has spectral evidence.
Why does Elizabeth ask John to meet with Abigail? She wants their feelings for each other to come out, John to break there unspoken promise they have for each other, and to clear her name.
Why does the news of Rebecca Nurse shock Elizabeth and John? It shocks them because of someone as religious sand good as Goody Nurse to get accused and confess then there is hope for anyone
Analyze Proctor and the 10 commandments-consider irony and internal conflict. John was put to the test of saying the 10 commandments but he left out the commandment about adultery which is ironic because of his affair with Abigail could symbolize an internal conflict of guilt that he couldn’t say it aloud
How does Hale rationalize witchcraft in Salem? In what ways is his logic flawed? He rationalizes with it because he is a part of the church and the court so he can’t go against the bible or the confessions he is hearing. This logic is flawed because he is supposed to specialize in witchcraft and he can’t come up with a better explanation for it.
What is Hale’s internal conflict? guilt of the trials
Cite tow Biblical allusions in this act. Why so many in this act? Miller references the parting of the people in the courtroom when Abigail walked in to when Moses parted the Red Sea for the Israelites. He also references the court as being like Pontius Pilate who condemned Jesus to be crucified
Will Mary go to court and tell the truth? Mary might tell the truth because she is scared of John but she also could stay on Abigail’s side.
What chances does Elizabeth have defending herself against Abigail? She has no chance due to the fact that the court has spectral evidence. She knows that she doesn’t have a chance when she says “the nuse is up” which basically means that she knew that she was going to die

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