Crucible act 1

Why was rev. Parris praying at the beginning of act one? Might have more then one reason? Because of the incedent thst the girls got into
What did rev. Parris do before coming to salem? He was a merchant for years
Who is tituba? Parris’s negro slave
What is the relationship between abigail and rev. Parris? Why does she live sith him? Because she is his neice and was orhpan so rev. Parris took her in
What rumors were circling the village? That this was witchcraft
Describe what rev. Parris encountered in the woods. Why would this be an especially upsetting sight for a puritan minister? He saw girls dancing and ine was naked. Dancing was not allowed in puritans society.
What happened to abigail seven months before act one? She was fired from the proctor household
What reasons does abigail give for being dismissed from the proctor residence? Because they wanted slaves and abigail does not want to be a slave as well as the assumtions of john and abigail together
What similarity exsists between ruth putnam and betty parris? What differeance do the putmans notice? They are both inert, but bettys eyes wont open abd ruths eyes are closed
What tragedy occurred in mrs. Putnam’s life? She lost 7 children in childbirth
Why did mrs putnam contach tituba? Because of her dead babies
In what way does abigail’s behavior change shen she is alone eith the girls? What does this reveal about her charater? That she doesnt like to act like herself as a teen whrn she is around adults
In what way does abigails behavior change when she is alone with procter? Ehat do we learn about abigail and proctor in this scene? That she becomes serious around adults because she doesnt want to get introuble and for what procter thinks anout her she wants it to be a good relation between them.
Who is rebecca nurse? What effect does her presence have on betty? A kind elderly lady in town and she calms betty
How does mrs putnam feel about rebecca? Why? Mrs putnam doesnt care for rebecca nurse because rebecca has a bug family and that she goes to god for answers
Who is giles corey? How does john proctor seem to fell about him? A 83 knotted with muscle, canny, inquisitive? And a powerful man
Proctor is not a fan of parris preaching. What reasons does he give for this? Paris is too focused on hell and is greedy. Proctor does not like him because hes cocky
Explain the argument regarding rev. Parris’ salary. What does this reveal about rev. Parris. This agruement about who is responsible for rev. Parris’s firewood Parris insist that its his contract inclides firewood.
Explain the land dispute between putnam and proctor. What does proctor tell us about putnam? Proctor harvest lumber from the tract that putnam claims his grandfather left him Proctor claims that he bought it from francis nurse
Who is rev. Hale? For what reason is he called to salem? An expert on witches – he is called from beverly to investigate the situtation in salem
What question does giles corey have for rev. Hale? He ask what it means to read strange books because he often finds his wife reading books
Why does abigail blame tituba for the incident in the woods? What effect does this accusation have on rev. Hales questioning of abigail? She tries to divert the attention to herself
Why does tituba confess to seeing the devil? Which women does she claim to have seen with the devil? What effect do these accusations have on rev. Hales wuestioning of tituba? She feels that she has no way out. She says she saw sarah good and goody osburn with the devil to get hale to lessen his questioning of her. In ehich it works
Why fors abigail join tituba in the calling of these names? What effort does this have on the other girls in the room? Because she accuses bridget bishop and betty sits up and chants more names
Act one ends with the following stage direction:”on their ecstatic cries” what does this direction imply? It implies a sense of abnormality as the girls announce innocent villagers names

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