Critical Quotes for Othello

Iago is motivated by more than just a mere desire for revenge’ Frank Kermode
‘Iago sees Desdemona as a creature of sexual appetite’ Nicholas Potter
Alternative Viewpoint – That Iago is subconsciously attracted to Othello and his cynicism towards love and relationships reflect that Wells
Iago is a artist of evil, as he enjoys ruining the lives of others’ Harold Bloom
‘There is no comedy in Othello’ Harold Bloom
Jealousy is exhausting, its a hungry emotion that must be satisifed P. SEGHAL
Jealousy trains us to look with intensity not accuracy P.SEGHAL
‘Desdemona is helplessly passive A.C. Bradley
Othello and Desdemona’s characters feature ambiguity Frank Kermode
The strawberries have a symbolical connection to the concept of virginity Lynda Boose
Hankerchief – Present marriage and justice Lynda Boose
Desdemona dies claiming black is white M.COX
Noble nature was wrought on by a accomplished and artful villain S.L Coleridge
At its core, it is filth (Iago’s language) Frank Kermode
Iago believes that her flirting with Cassio is lechery and copulation must inevitably follow’ Frank Kermode
Iago is motivated by strong latent and homosexuality S.Hyman
The old stereotype is always there, lurking M.Mangam
The perfection of women is to be characterless, everyone wishes a Desdemona for a wife S.L Coleridge
Desdemona throughout the play, dwindles Edward Pechter
Feels constantly threatened and profoundly insecure C.Philips

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