course C1: post-procedure care of mice and rats in research – USC

Treating pain, distress and discomfort in rodents is best addressed by which of the following? a combination of therapies based on clinical assessments
Which statement is true about supporting body temperature in anesthetized rodents? heat sources should be modulated to a safe temperature
which statement is true about a records management system for clinical assessments of rodents? Should incorporate a way to flag cages of animals to be monitored within an animal housing room.
What statement is true about providing nutritional support to rodents with low appetite caused by a procedure? Providing nutritional support may avoid the necessity for euthanatizing the animals.
which of the following characterizes a routine clinical examination of rodents? methods should be used to assess appearance, behavior, and function.
Which statement is true about methods for clinical assessment of rodents with tumors? clinical assessment methods are based on the biological characteristics of the tumor.
What portions of a clinical examination can be omitted in rodents? none of the above
Physiological changes caused by experimental procedures have a greater impact and develop faster in rodents than in larger species because: Rodents have a faster rate of metabolism.
How do federal regulations address animal pain and distress in research? Animal pain and distress must be avoided or minimized when consistent with sound scientific practices.
Monitoring animals after a procedure is beneficial for: all of the above
what frequency of monitoring is most appropriate for animals following a procedure? Daily or more frequently if deterioration in the animal’s condition is anticipated.
which kinds of examinations may be performed in rodents? all of the above
What method is least useful to assess hydration status in a rodent? Urinary bladder size on palpation
A thorough clinical exam of an animal should include assessment of: all of the above
What normal behavior may mask whether a rat is experiencing pain or distress? all of the above

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