Caius Marcius “Coriolannus” Roman war hero. Gets the name “Coriolanus” for his victory at Corioles. Has a bad temper and can’t stand the unwashed masses. Confuses politeness with betraying his principals. Has a really close relationship with his mother.
Menenius Coriolanus’s friend. Not too fond of common people either, but tries to get Coriolanus to be more conciliatory (and fails). Later tries to talk Coriolanus out of conquering Rome. Fails at that too.
Cominius Another friend of Coriolanus. Ex-consul of Rome. General in charge of the fight against the Volsces
Volumnia Coriolanus’s mother. Tough, independent, and gung-ho for wars and warriors. Successfully talks Coriolanus out of attacking Rome.
Virgillia Coriolanus’s wife. Worries about him and wants him home. Goes with Volumnia and Valeria to beg Coriolanus’s mercy
Valeria Vergillia’s friend. Tries to get her to stop sitting in the house worrying about Coriolanus. Goes with Volumnia and Vergillia to beg Coriolanus’s mercy
Sicinius and Brutus Populist tribunes. Conspire to get Coriolanus banished or killed. Accuse him of treason and provoke him into insulting everybody at the worst possible time. Aren’t too happy with Menenius, either.
Tullus Aufidius Volsce king and general. Coriolanus’s personal nemesis. Welcomes Coriolanus when the latter goes to join forces with him against Rome. Becomes jealous of Coriolanus’s popularity and gets him killed.