Conspirators of Julius Caesar

Brutus Best friend of Julius Caesar. He placed the honor of Rome above all else which brings him to his tragic flaw. Most of the conspirators killed Caesar out of envy and jealousy but Brutus killed Caesar thinking it would be for the good of Rome.
Cassius Longtime aquaintance of Caesar and talented politician. Cassius does not like how Rome is thinking Caesar is a god. He slyly convinces Rome that Caesar is becoming ambitious. He forges the letters to Brutus.
Casca a tribune (an official elected to represent the people) who resents Caesar’s ambition. He thinks Caesar denying the crown three time was an act. he believes Caesar did that in order for the populance to believe that Caesar has no personal ambition. First to Stab Caesar and joined the conspiracy the night before.
Decius Convinced Caesar that Calpurnia misinterpreted her dream all wrong. He insists their is no danger ahead for Caesar in the Senate House. He tells him that they plan on crowning him king.
Metallius Cimber attracts Caesar’s attention by requesting that his brother’s banishmnet be repealed. This allowed the conspirators to surround him. Casca than stabbed him in the back
Trebonius First to second Brutus argument to spare Antony. He lures Antony out of the Senate house so Antony doesnt intercede. He is the only one that doesnt stab Caesar.
Cinna Urges Cassius to bring noble Brutus to the conspiracy. he assists Cassius by putting the letters forged by Cassius in a place Brutus will easily find it
Ligarius he hesistants in killing Caesar at first. Joins the conspiracy the morning of the assissnation. Brutus restores his conviction and enthusiastically kills Caesar with the others. Never was friends with Caesar. Inspired by Brutus’ nobility.

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