Character vs Character 1. Brutus (army) vs Antony (army)Antony and Octavius join forces to get revenge on the other army for killing Caesar. They go to war2. Caesar vs Conspirators The conspirators think Caesar will be a tyrant and is ambitious. 3. Cassius vs Brutus -minorBrutus is not convinced by he should kill Caesar but Cassius is trying everything in his power to get him on their side
Character vs Self 1. Brutus vs himselfDoesn’t want to be caught, thinks his time has come because he has seen Caesars ghost twice, feels guilty for killing Caesar, commits suicide 2. Cassius vs himself Feels guilt, found himself, thinks they will lose the war, commits suicide 3. Portia vs herselfBattling grief because Brutus is not with her, commits suicide 4. Caesar vs himselfUnsure to take the throne and rule Rome5. People of Rome vs themselvesDon’t know who to believe, Antony or Brutus
Character vs Society 1. Brutus +Cassius vs People of RomeHalf the people support The conspirators decision, but the rest are after them

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