conflicts in Of Mice and Men

The fight between Lennie and Curley Lennie is happy because he just saw his puppy and Curley was getting made fun of because he was looking for his wife. Curley took out his rage on Lennie because he isn’t smart. Lennie crushed his hand and Slim said that it was cought in a machine.
Carlson wants to kill Candy’s dog Carlson starts to complain about Candy’s dog and the other people also want to kill the dog because of Carlson’s pep talk. The last word about it is when Slim tells Candy to kill the dog. Candy still does not want to kill his dog so Carlson shot the dog.
If George should let Lenney go? When Lennie kills Curly’s wife, Lennie runs and hides at the meeting spot in the bushes by the lake. George knew that Curley would want to kill Lennie. George took Carlson’s gun and said that Lennie went the opposite direction of the lake where he was hiding. Slim told George that it was best to kill him because he would be locked up for life in prison, or killed very slowley and painfuly. So it is best to kill him quickley
Curley vs. his wife Curley is abusive to his wife and ignores her when he goes out with the guys on the weekend.
The Stable Buck vs. the other men – racism Because of the setting the black stable buck was always exzcluded from all the other white men. He felt lonely and angry.

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