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Othello is a play about… Passion and purpose
Who are the two characters at the heart of the play? Othello and Iago
What are the three types of irony? 1) Verbal irony2) Dramatic irony3) Situational irony
How many faces does Iago have? two
How does Roderigo view Iago? Roderigo views Iago as a friend.
How does Othello view Iago? Othello views Iago as most honest.
How does the audience view Iago? The audience views Iago as deceitful to Othello.
What are the main themes of Othello? 1) Jealousy2) Manipulation3) Appearance vs. Reality
Othello believes that Desdemona is… deceitful and impure at the end
Desdemona is actually innocent
What does Brabantio do when he finds out what Desdemona has done? he disowns her
Why does Roderigo trust Iago? he gives Roderigo false hope in getting Desdemona
Why did Othello marry Desdemona? he loved her
Othello puts Iago in charge of who? Desdemona
What does Othello do to Cassio when he suspects his indiscretions? he spies on him and tells Iago to kill him
Who tries to get Cassio his job back? Desdemona
What does Emilia give to Iago? handkerchief
Why is the handkerchief so important to Othello? it was a gift he gave to Desdemona
What job does Iago get in act III? lieutenant
How does Bianca feel about Cassio? she’s in love with him
What does Othello do that makes people doubt his sanity? he kills Desdemona
Who tells Othello that his wife is being faithful to him? Emilia
How does Desdemona die? she is suffocated by Othello
What does Lodovico find in Roderigo’s pocket? two notes
How does Othello die? he stabs himself
How does Iago die? he goes to prison and dies
what, to othello, does the handkerchief symbolize? (after Iago tells him she gave it to Cassio) his mothers memory
while he is hiding, who did othello assume cassio was talking about with Iago Bianca
as she lay dying, whom does desdemona say is at fault for her murder? desdemona
what was iagos desired outcome of cassio and roderigo’s first sight? cassio loses his title as lieutenant
along with desiring his job, why did iago hate cassio? he was jealous of his good looks and wonderful reputation
to who (or what) is iago referring when he says; “thus i do make my fool my purse’? roderigo
The Moor Othello
The wife of Iago Emilia
Father of Desdemona Brabrantio
The man who ironically got label “honest” Iago