CMJ Tale of Two Cities Book 3 Questions

Why is Charles returning to France? He is going to help Gabelle who has been put in prison.
What happens to Charles when he enters France? He is arrested and put in jail
Who takes Charles from the “escorts” when he reaches Paris? Mr. Defarge
To what prison is Darnay taken? La Force
What does “in secret” mean? Alone in solitary confinement
What seems “inverted” or backwards in the prison? The guilty are condenming the innocent
What does Darnay have to buy in prison? Food and guards (and he gives money for food to the poorer prisoners)
What is his cell like and who does he think about when he is first put there? small, 5 by 4.5 feet, thinks about Dr. Manette in prison
What is the nickname for the guillotine? the National Razor
How does the mob outside of Tellson’s Bank in Paris respond when Dr. Manette goes out and confronts it? The cheer for the “Bastille prisoner” and vow to help his family in La Force prison
Why does Mr. Lorry move Lucie and the family out of the bank residence and into an apartment? he would do anything for Lucie but he is a businessman and does not want to hurt the bank in any way
Who is left behind to protect Lucie, little Lucie, and Miss Pross? Jerry Cruncher
Why does Mrs. Defarge say she needs to see Lucie and little Lucie? For their safety so she can recognize them and protect them
What act of kindness does Lucie show Mrs. Defarge and how does Mrs. Defarge respond? How does this affect Lucie? Lucie kisses Mrs. Defarge on the hand, Mrs. Defarge drops her hand and shows no response, Lucie doesn’t trust her now
What “falls” over Lucie and little Lucie while Mrs. Defarge is standing there that symbolizes something? Mrs. Defarge’s shadow falls over them
Where is Tellson’s bank in Paris located? In the house of a nobleman that had fled Paris (he dressed in his cook’s clothes to escape)
How does Mr. Lorry learn that Charles is in prison? Dr. Manette and Lucie show up and tell him
What is happening at the grindstone in the courtyard? Describe the grindstone The revolutionaries are sharpening their knives and swords to masacre (kill) the prisoners, it is red from blood on the knives
How long is Dr. Manette gone after going out into the crowd? 4 days
How has the relationship changed between Lucie and Dr. Mannette changed now that they are in Paris and Charles is in jail? Dr. Manette is the strong one and Lucie is dependent on him
What is a tribunal? Court held by the revolutionaries to judge the prisoners
What does Dr. Manette plea from the tribunal regarding Charles while all this killing is going on? That he be kept safe
What does Dr. Manette wind up doing – what work does he do? What advantage does this give him regarding Charles? He is the doctor for 3 of the prisons including La Force, he knows what is happening to him
To what is the following quote referring, “It superseded the cross.”? the guillotine
What does Dr. Manette never doubt? That he can save Charles
How long is Charles in prison before he goes to trial (the first time)? 1 year and 3 months
What are the tumbrils and what are they filled with? The carriages that are filled with the condemned prisoners
What does Dr. Manette tell Lucie about a window at the prison? That Charles may be able to see her from the window if she stands at a certain spot at 3:00
How often does Lucie go to the spot? every day from 2:00 to 4:00
Who lives near this spot? What does he do? What did he used to do? The wood sawyer, cuts up wood, used to be a road mender
What is the Carmagnole? What is it compared to? a dance, compared to a fight
Who makes us the tribunal? 5 judges, a prosecutor, a jury
What is Charles accused of? being an emigrant
What happens at Charles first tribunal? Gabelle and Manette testify for him, he is released
Who told Charles what to say at his trial? Dr. Manette
How is it proven that Darnay is not a sympathizer of the British? He was tried for treason
How do the people react to the results of the trial? They put Charles in a chair and carry him home on their shoulders
Why do they live frugally when Charles returns It is best not to offend the common people and they have little money because of all he had to spend in prison
Why don’t they keep a servant? They don’t want to take a chance they may be a spy and they can’t afford one anyway
Why don’t they leave Paris? Dr. Manette says it is still too dangerous for Charles
When Charles is re-arrested, what threee people is Dr. Manette told are denouncing Charles? Mr. and Mrs. Defarge and “one other”
What is John Barsad’s real name? Who is he related to? Solomon Pross, Miss Pross’s brother
What is a sheep? a spy
Who has shown up in Paris? Syndey Carton
How does he get Barsad to go along with his plan? He says he will denounce him as a spy
Who else recognizes Barsad? Jerry Cruncher – recognizes him as a spy that testified in the treason case against Darnay
What do we learn about Jerry? How? He is a grave robber, he knows Cly, the other spy working with Barsad, is not dead because he dug up his grave
What game is Carton alluding to as he persuades Barsad to help? a game of cards
When Carton leaves Mr. Lorry at the bank, what does he go buy? chemicals
Write the beginning of the Bible verse Carton keeps remembering. I am the Resurection and the Life
Name the three people who denounce Charles Darnay at trial. Mr. and Mrs. Defarge and Dr. Manette
What piece of evidence is presented in Darnay’s trial? The letter Dr. Manette wrote while in prison describing what happened with the Evermonde brothers
Mrs. Defarge is not content with having Darnay excuted. Who else does she want executed and why? Lucie and little Lucie, because they are part of the Evermonde family and she wants it exterminated
How does Darnay escape from prison? Carton visits him, drugs him, switches clothes with him, and they take Darnay out as Carton
Who, besides Carton, helps Darnay escape? Barsad
Who has Mrs. Defarge recruited to gives evidence against Lucie and little Lucie to denounce them? What is his evidence? the wood sawyer, Lucie and little Lucie were signaling to the prisoners
Who recognizes that Carton has taken Darnays place? What does he/she say to him? How does he respond? the seemstress, “Are you dying for him?”, “for his wife and child too”
T/F Carton assures Mr. Lorry that if Darnay is sentenced to death Lucie will be able to see him one more time. false
Who is Mrs. Defarge? the sister of the woman and boy that were killed by the Evermondes

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