Chinua Achebes Things fall apart final test guide

What is the name of Okonkwo’s tribe and village the Umuofia tribe of the Igbo people
Which emotion dominates Okonkwo’s and what sparked it Okonkwo’s dominant emotion is anger. His father’s laziness and complacency are the reason for his intense anger and lack of patience.
who decides if Umuofia goes to war? their god Agbala, who either approves or rejects their war. Agbala speaks to Umuofia through her oracle..
how does Agbala approve wars Agbala only approves wars if they are just, and not based on blame.
Why did Umofia want to go to war Because a Umofian woman was killed in Mbaino
What was done to keep peace Mbaino had to give umofia a young man and a young virgin as compensation for the death of the Umuofian woman.
5. How did Okonkwo’s father die Unoka died of swelling
Why was Unokas death and insult to the earth goddess Those suffering from swelling stomachs and limbs are left in the Evil Forest to die so that they do not offend the earth by being buried
Why is Nwoye a disappointment to his father He resembles his father Unoka in that he’s sensitive and often lazy
What sport showed the strongest man wrestling
Who is ikemefuna and what happened to him The boy that the Mbaino tribe gave to the Umofian tribe to prevent war. He was given to Okonkwo to raise.
What happened to ikemefuna Oracle says he must die and Okonkwo killed him with his machete
What does the term ogbanje mean a spirit who comes as a child and dies repeatedly, continues to be born to the same mother over and over
What character is a ogbanje Ezinma
Where was Okonkwo exiled and for how long to the village Mbanta for 7 years
How does Okonkwo new tribe view women versus his old tribe in the Umofia tribe they were treated poorly, beaten everyday. The Mbanta tribe does not treat their women poorly by beating them, they choose much more peaceful solutions to things
What does the term cowrie mean Shells used as money
What are the 2 prophecies about the white man The oracle prophesied that the white man would be followed by others and would bring destruction.
Okonkwo character foil vs his uncle Uchendu character foil Okonkwo was proud and ruled his family with an iron fistUchendu was wise and impressive but ruled his family gentle
What group in history Nwoye represent christianity
What were the 3 g’s that motivated great Britain god, glory and gold
How is okonkwo like roaring flame the fire represents masculinity for its incessant movement, its virile heat, its flaming temper, and its destructiveness.
What does ostracize mean to exclude someone from society
How were the people ostracized in the village they were prevented from entering the village and using the villages water source
What type of government did Britain bring The British system of Government which included law and courts, supported by a military with weapons
what thing did okonkwo want to do when he gets back to emophia rebuild his compound on a larger scale. He also wants to take two more wives and get titles for his sons.
explain what he means how can we fight when our brothers leave us opinion question Okonkwo wanted to fight to keep tribal traditions alive, but most had followed the white mans laws leaving very few to fight and a sense of betrayal from the tribal members that followed the white mans law.
Who were the 2 people who talk about religion Mr. Kiaga and MR Brown
they built schools Nwoye is going what is he wanting to be a missionary
what happens to okowonko at the end of the book he hangs himself
what does the term pacification mean the act of forcibly suppressing or eliminating a population considered to be hostile
What is the title of the book on page 209 The pacification of the primitive tribes of the lower night

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