Chemistry 1 Honors A Spacetime Odyssey

What is the name of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “spaceship”? The ship of the imagination
What is responsible for creating wind and keeping everything in the solar system in its clutches? The sun
What lies between Mars and Jupiter? The asteroid Belt
How big is the centuries old hurricane on Jupiter? 3 times the size of Earth
What had to be invented before we could discover Saturn and Neptune? After telescopes were invented
What is the name of the spacecraft that has traveled the farthest away from Earth? Voyager 1
What is the Oort Cloud? A bunch of gravitational bound comets
How far from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy do we live? 30,000 light years
What is the “address” of Earth in the cosmos? Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo SuperCluster, Observable Univesre
Why do we not know yet if we live in a “multiverse” ? The deeper out we are able to see the smaller we are made out to be
Who wrote the banned book that Giordano Bruno read that gave him the idea that the Universe was infinite? Lucretius
How long was Bruno jailed and tortured? 8 years
What happened to Bruno after he refused to change his mind about his beliefs of an infinite Universe? He burned to death
Who was able to prove Bruno right 10 years after his death? Galileo
How many years does one month symbolize on the “cosmic calendar” ? 1 billion years
What date on the “cosmic calendar” did the Milky Way Galaxy appear? March 14
What date on the “cosmic calendar” was our Sun born? August 31
What day and time did human ancestors first evolve on the “cosmic calendar” represent? December 31 at 11:00pm
What does the last 14 seconds on the “cosmic calendar” represent? All of recorded human history
How many seconds ago on the “cosmic calendar” did the two halves of the world find each other? 2 seconds ago

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