Character Relationships in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This couple’s relationship is defined by a power struggle between them. Titania & Oberon
Hermia & Demetrius This couple is not in love with one another, but is expected to marry.
Helena & Demetrius This love is one-sided and desperate.
Hermia & Lysander This love is equal and true.
Oberon & Titania This couple has a bit of an open relationship, and as a result, argue quite a bit.
Helena & Lysander This relationship would not exist if not for magic.
Hippolyta & Theseus This relationship was created originally by force.
Egeus & Hermia This love is parental and judgmental.
Hermia & Helena This love is one of friendship, but not completely loyal. Jealousy harms it.
Bottom & Titania This love only exists due to magic and is rooted in revenge and confusion.
True love that ends by mistake. Lysander & Hermia
A love rooted in lust. Bottom & Titania