Character List Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Montague a bright and well bred young man in love with love, until he meets Juliet and becomes an authentic and earnest lover who makes a commitment of eternal devotion
Lord Montague Romeo’s father whose blood feud with the head of Capulets household becomes a threat to the peace of Verona
Lady Montague Lord Montague’s wife and Romeo’s mother who dies from grief over her son’s banishment
Mercutio a true friend to Romeo a cousin of Prince Escalus a young man of brilliance and wit
Benvolio a cousin and loyal friend to Romeo a gentle young man whose good sense cast him in the role of the peacemaker
Balthasar a loyal servant to Romeo
Abram a servant to Lord Montague
Friar Laurence a kindly catholic priest Romeo’s confessor and mentor he alone tries to help the two lovers in their cruel dilemma
Juliet Capulet a young girl of noble breeding whose innocence and goodness flowers into the deep passion of a woman who would die for love
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father an adversary in the feud a sometimes cordial but undisputed hardheaded master of the household
Lady Capulet Lord Capulet’s wife and Juliet’s mother she is eager for marriage of status and security for her daughter
The Nurse Juliet’s nurse a colorful bawdy peasant women who is practical and outspoken
Peter the Nurse’s servant
Sampson and Gregory servant to Lord Capulet
Tybalt a cousin to Juliet a nephew to Lady Capulet a bad tempered young manned expert swordsman
Paris a cousin to prince a young count who wants Juliet to be his wife
Prince Escalus prince and ruler of Verona