Chapters 9&10: Lord of the Flies

What does Simon find on the mountain? The pilots body is the beast
What does Simon do after smelling the dead body? Throws up
Which side of the island had a little bit of smoke? Jack’s side
What does this imply about who most of the boys are following? Most are following Jack
What is Piggy sure is going to happen? The other boys will join Jack at the feast
What does Piggy suggest doing? Going to Jack’s camp/feast
What does Jack wave when he speaks? His spear
After the boys of you know they want Jack and Ralph try to persuade the boys to do what? Stay on their sides of the island
What does Jack say about conch? conch = 0 power
Whose side to most of the boys choose? Jack’s
What is the chant? How has it changed from previous chapters? kill the beast cut his throat still his blood (it was originally her)
The Simon try to tell the boys? There is no beast only the pilots dead body
What happens to Simon? Beaten and stabbed to death because the boys thought he was the beast
What happens to the man on the parachute? blown to sea slides off the mountain onto the beach
Who is left on Ralph’s side of the island? Sam Eric, Piggy, Ralph and some littluns
About what is Ralph feeling guilty? Being part of Simon’s death
What injuries did Sam and Eric suffer from the night before? Sam a scratch on his four head ..Eric split lip
What is Roberts job? To guard the entrance to Castle rock
What weapon does Jack’s tribe have to protect the entrance of the Castlerock? A huge rock ready to be pushed down and hit someone
What does Robert tell Roger that Jack is going to do? Beat Wilfred
What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush? What they will use to like the fire
What does Ralph recall hearing from Simon and seeing in the sky? The parachute man
What do Ralph, piggy and Sam and Eric decide about the fire? They were going to guard two at a time for 12 hours and not keep it lit at night
What happens while Piggy, Ralph, and Sam and Eric sleep in their shelter? Jack, Maurice, and Roger steal fire
What does Jack steal? Piggy’s glasses

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