Chapters 7 & 8 LOTF SG

What does Simon say to Ralph? They will make it back to where they came from.
What sarcastic remark does Ralph have in response? Ralph asks if Simon has a ship in his pocket.
What is discouraging Ralph in regard to being rescued? Ralph doesn’t think they will not get home safely.
What does Ralph accomplish that he is quite proud of? He helps kill the pig in a hunt.
What happens to Jack during the pig hunt? Jack got a bloody arm, he says was from the tusks of the pig.
Who hurts his butt during the game of pretend pig hunt? Robert
What does Simon offer? Go back and tell everyone that the group won’t be home until late.
What does Ralph ask Jack that makes the boys uncomfortable? Ralph asks Jack why he hates him.
All but what three boys remain to go up the mountain? Ralph, Jack, and Roger
What do the three boys see on the mountain? They see a giant shadow.
What two things does ralph say that insults Jack? Jack would hide from the beast and that his hunters probably can not beat the beast.
Who calls the meeting? Jack
List two reasons that Jack offers for why Ralph is not a proper chief. He’s a coward, is not a hunter, says things like Piggy, does not believe in the hunters.
What kind of vote does Jack call for? He calls for a vote to decide if Ralph should still be chief.
What childish thing does Jack say after the vote doesn’t go his way? He says, “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.”
What does Simon suggest doing? Simon thinks they should climb the mountain.
Where does Piggy suggest building the fire? Piggy thinks they should build the fire down by the huts.
Where do Maurice, Bill, and Roger go? They went to join Jack.
Where does Simon go? Simon returns to his place in the jungle.
What does Jack rub all over Maurice? Puts paint on him.
What do they do with the sharpened stick? They stuck the stick into the throat of the pig.
What is the pig’s head name? the Lord of the Flies.
When Jack comes for the fire, what is he wearing? He has paint on his face and no shirt.
How does Jack try to tempt the boys who have stayed with Ralph? Meat=Feast

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