chapters 3 and 4 of frankenstein

How is the story of Victor’s mother’s death ironic? As the mother was trying to save Elizabeth from scarlet fever, she got ill herself and died.
What does Victor contemplate in the first hours of his departure ? How do these thoughts indicate his future? Victor reflects on his life so far and thinks about how his life has been filled with familiar faces so he is unfit to meet strangers. Victor then remembers his desire for knowledge and to become a part of society. These thoughts indicate that he will pursue his interest in science, but may neglect or avoid communication with others.
Why does Victor not want to study the contemporary scientists suggested by M. Krempe? Victor is interested in goals of older scientists such as the alchemists. Victor desires to pursue their “grand” aspirations instead of the normal goals of contemporary scientists.
What ultimately changes Victor’s mind about new chemists? Frankenstein eventually changes his mind when he sees that many if these new chemists’ findings made sense. Waldman (professor and friend) helped learning this new material come naturally to Frankenstein.
Compare the physiognomy of Krempe and Waldman. Krempe’s features are described as “a little squat man, with a gruff voice and a repulsive countenance” (pg. 26) and Waldman is described as fifty years old, with few grey hairs, and had the sweetest voice Victor had ever heard.
What is the literary term for M. Waldman and the effect that his lecture and guidance have on Victor? Catalyst -> character/event changes a character, causes a domino effect; It furthers Victor to his interests in natural philsoshopy and with M. Waldman’s incite and encouragment, it is what drives Victor to his “future destiny”, which is Victor’s motivation to his creation.
Why does Victor favor science above all other disciplines? Victor favors science above all other disciplines because it’s based on logic. There is a set by step procedure. Understanding people is much more difficult
How is Victor’s practice of science different from the modern practice of science? Victor’s practice of science differs from the modern practice of science in Frankenstein in that he tried to reanimate dead tissue.
Why does Victor hesitate to make a creature like man? Why does he go through with it? Victor hesitates to create a creature like man because he has a doubt he can succeed with his idea due to the complexity of the human body. He goes through with his idea since he wants to be a pioneer a new way to explore unknown possibilities. Victor believes his creation could improve the future success of science.
What traditional tragic flaw is Victor demonstrating? Victor’s traditional tragic flaw is allowing his passion for creating life take over his own in the process all the while neglecting the world, his morals, friends and family for it EGO
What is the central flaw in Victor’s decision what to create? It won’t be human. The thing he will create will be made of dead matter. His work will be unsure. He won’t know when or if he will ever finish it will consume his life when he chooses to create this. Will take his own life for it to be create
What internal conflict does Victor deal with as he finishes his creation? He has a conflict of wanting to be with his family. He just ignores them wants to get back with them but his work denies him from seeing them. He is also growing sick. It seems like he can’t think straight.
List some gothic details from the end of Chapter IV. The seasons pass but he does not acknowledge the “blossom or the expanding leaves.” He is becoming detached from himself and his physical features are of one “doomed by slavery in the toil of the mines.” The imagery you paint from these details are of gloomyness and Frankenstein is “shunning” away everyone he knows. He is lost and going even a bit insane and he recalls this with vivid detail of being nervous and anxious.
What is Romantic in the moral Victor shares with Walton? The moral that Victor shares with Walton is their blind ambition to be better than others, in terms of discovering the secrets of the world. What is Romantic about this moral is the self individualization,that they distinguish themselves apart from others with this passion in mind, in order to figure out the nature of humans and that which surrounds them.

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