Chapters 18-19 comprehension To kill a Mockingbird

Why does Mayella think Atticus is mocking her? She’s not used to being called Miss or ma’am . She thinks Atticus is mocking her that way
What more do we learn about the Ewell family from Atticus’s cross examination? Eight children in the family, the mother died, the children do not attend a school, and the father drinks and beats the children
Described the incident according to Mayella’s testimony She claims that she asked Tom to break the chirffarobe, but Tom started beating her and ended up raping her.
What is wrong with Tom Robinson’s left arm? How did it get this way? It is at least twelve inches shorter than his other arm because he got it caught in a cotton-jin. It is crippled and crushed and he can’t make it move
Who does Atticus suggest actually beat up Mayella? Atticus suggested that Bob Ewell beat up Mayella
Why does Atticus bring up the fact that Tom Robinson had been in trouble before? Wasn’t keeping anything, everything was in the open
Who does Tom work for? What does he do for him? Tom works for Mr. Link Deas. He picks pecan and he does other odd or peculiar jobs.
How does Tom’s story immediately contradict Mayella’s testimony? About a year ago, last spring, he has been on the property more than once
How did Mayella get Tom to come inside the house? Mayella got Tom to come inside the house because she claimed that the door was off its hinges
How did Mayella get rid of the children that particular day? She saved money for over a year to buy them ice cream and gave them each a nickel.
What did Mayella do to Tom, according to his testimony? Mayella hugged him, asked him to reach for a box, and kissed him, and demanded that he would kiss her back
Why did Tom run away from the Ewell place? What was his predicament? Tom ran away from the Ewell place because he looked guilty running away, but if he stayed home, he would get killed
Who came to Tom’s defense in the courtroom? What did he say? Link Deas came to Tom’s defense in the court room
Why do you think Tom was so scared of being accused of hurting Mayella? There was no way that if he went to court, he would win against the white and prejudice
Why does Dill get so upset at Mr. Glimer that it makes him sick? Dill did not like the way Tom Robinson treated him

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