Chapters 15-30 huck finn quiz

What trick does Huck play on Jim? Jim is asleep when Huck returns to the raft. He sits down next to Jim and pretends to be asleep. When Jim wakes up, Huck tries to make him believe that he dreamed the events of the past evening.
Why doesn’t Huck turn in Jim? Huck didn’t turn in Jim because they had become friends.
Why don’t the slave hunters get Jim? Because Huck tells them that Jim has small pox, and the slave hunters don’t want to catch it so they stay away from the raft.
Explain the differences between Huck and the hunters The hunters were interested in collecting reward money. Huck wasn’t interested in the money; he was trying to do the “right” thing. The hunters considered the runaway slaves as property; Huck considered Jim as a friend.
What is the bad luck in chapter 16? A steamboat ran over the raft.
How does Huck get to the Grangerfords? After jumping off the raft to keep from being run over by the steamboat, Huck makes his way to the shore and comes upon the Grangerfords’ house where their dogs stop him.
Why did Twain include this adventure with the Grangerfords? The Grangerfords and Shepherdsons have been feuding so long that they don’t really remember why they are fighting. Twain points out how ridiculous the feud is and shows this trait of human nature as being foolish.
How did Huck and Jim meet the king and the duke? Huck and Jim are their raft. Huck takes the canoe to look for berries when these two old men come crashing out of the bushes. Both are on the run from the law and ask to share the raft. They reveal themselves as a “king” and a “duke”.
Does Huck believe their story? Huck believes the story at first, but after thinking about it, he decides that they are liars and frauds
Give two examples of the “cleverness” of the king and the duke The King and Duke are quite clever at conning money out of people. they seize every opportunity that comes along, like when the king insinuates himself into the camp-meeting and convince everyone that he’s a reformed sinner, and takes up a collection, and the Duke meanwhile sells subscriptions to a paper that will never be published. As petty con-men they manage to do quite well. And they frequently manage to get away by the skin of their teeth.
Why did the people return to the show? People came to the show the first night to see what ladies and children were not supposed to see. After seeing the show, they didn’t want to admit that they had been tricked, so they told other people in the town what a great show it was. The second show’s audience was a result of the great reviews. People came back the third night to get even with the king and duke, but the king and duke left early.
What’s the point of the incident of the shooting of Boggs? The incident with Boggs points out many weaknesses in the human character. Boggs was foolish in his drunkenness to push Sherburn’s patience. Sherburn was foolish to pay any attention to Boggs. The townspeople all rushed to see the murder of Boggs and almost immediately enjoyed playing the scene again. Then, the townspeople, following the lead of Buck Harkness, all decided to lynch the colonel. The colonel’s speech is Twain’s voice about the justice system of his time. In this section, Twain shows the worst of human nature.
Why do we hear about Jim’s daughter “Lizabeth”? Jim’s story about Lizabeth shows us how he’s a compassionate man and he felt bad about the way he treated his daughter
Where did the king and the duke get their plan about being the Wilks brothers? The king and the Duke get their plan to pretend to be the Wilks brothrers because they meet the Reverend Elexander Blodgett, who knows the Wilks brothers, and who unwittingly reveals to the King and the Duke all the details they need to know to pretend to be the Wilks brothers succesfully.

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