Chapter 9 Scarlet Letter

what is the connotation of leech? negative
in what capacity does Roger associate himself with Dimmesdale? Dimmesdale is his spiritual guide and he is his doctor
For what two reason does Dimmesdale’s health seem to be failing? fasts and vigils; utter devotion to his job and studies
How has Roger’s face changed? it now looks ugly, evil, and dark with soot
Roger’s appearance and actions lead many people to associate him with with what symbolic force? evil/Satan
What is another reason that Hester cannot return home? her dishonor would only spread, this time adding Roger’s
How did Roger introduce himself? only by incredible education and intelligence
who were the doctors before Roger? the deacon and apothecary
What made Roger better than the deacon and apothecary? his piety
What is Dimmesdale going to do with his life, according to the people? great deeds for the feeble New England church
How do people view Dimmesdale? How does he view himself? the earth is unworthy of him; he should be removed because of weakness
What motion does he make at any slight alarm? put his hand over his heart (pain)
Why do people think Roger is there? Why? by miracle; he has no known origin and references learned colleagues
Does Dimmesdale want to be helped? Who convinces him? No, elder minister of Boston and deacons
What can Roger admire now that they spend more time together? Dimes’ personality, not just how he presents himself to the world
What did Roger shock Dim with? science
Did Dim like science? yes, but they retreated back to orthodox things
What was Roger’s reason for his close scrutiny of Dim? he needed to know him to heal him
What is Roger looking for? secrets
What does a man with secrets avoid? intimacy
What does Dim refuse to do? take a wife
Who did they live with? Why? a pious widow; everyone thought they should live together to help Dim’s health
Why was Dim’s apartment in the front of the the house? What was in it? sunlight, a library and scripture tapestry
What did Roger set up? a lab and study; distillery and alchemy
What did uninformed people think? Informed? Roger practiced black magic; he was good for Dims
Who will win in the battle of Roger (Satan) and Dimmesdale? Roger

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