Chapter 9&10 Animal Farm

What is happening to Boxer? -Getting old/weak-he is injured-He is working himself to death Example: “I will work harder”
What are the living conditions like for all the animals except the pigs and dog? Smaller rations, working harder, no lantern, every winter is harder, sleeping on hay, and squealer uses facts to make the animals think thay they are better off
What does Napoleon allow Moses to return and tells his stories about sugae candy mountain? Moses gives the animals hope that they will go to heaven
What happens to Boxer? He injures himself, taken to the slaughter house, squealer tells animals that he dies in vet, but really put to death, and money from selling boxer was used to but whiskey for pigs and dogs
What changes have the years brought to the farm? Windmill has been finished but now used for milling corn, and oringial animals from the farm are dead, forgotten, or old
How does Orwell make fun of bureaucracy? The pigs are wasting times by pretending to have “paperwork” to justify not doing labor and committing crimes against the commandments
How do the animals now feel about their social order, their farm? They suspect that something is wrong, but they are too stupid to comprehend and agrue this change. They believed that they were free so they accepted change. New animals like being free and dont protest
What drastic action do the pigs use to shatter the animals? They recruited the dogs to intimate smart animals, they recruited sheep their ideas. They walk on 2 legs, install phone, and have human guest. New motto: “4 legs good 2 legs better”-All animals are equal some are more equal than others
All 7 commandments are erased. What is the new commandments and how has it been true from the beginning? All animals are equal. Some are more equal than others. This commandment had been true since the beginning for example Napoleon drinking, the pigs teaching school, and pigs not working
At the conference with neighboring farm. What new changes does Napoleon point out? 1. “Animals farm” 1 “Manor Farm”2. No “comrade”3. New green flag4. Removed all evidence
What happen to the pig’s appearance? They pigs got fat, and they started walking on their hind legs.

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