Chapter 8 The Great Gatsby Questions

What does Gatsby tell Nick the night of the accident? He told him that Daisy was driving and he didn’t want anyone to know. He wanted Nick to know because of his trust in him, and the irresistible urge to gossip.
Did Gatsby want to go to Oxford? No. He didn’t because while he was there, he lost Daisy. If he hadn’t gone he might have had Daisy.
What would you say is the principal reason for Daisy’s appeal to Gatsby? I would say the principle reason was that he was her first love, and usually first love is the best.
How does Nick compliment Gatsby and what is Gatsby’s reaction? Nick complements Gatsby by telling him that he’s worth the whole *%&(# bunch of them (the people in the argument).
Why was it important that Nick thanked Gatsby? It is important because it was the last thing he got to do with Gatsby.
How does George Wilson spend the night after the accident? Drinking and sitting in his rocking chair.
What do the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg symbolize to George Wilson? They symbolize to him as God.
What is significant about the symbol of god? This is significant because “God” was always watching.
How do you think Wilson got Gatsby’s name? I think Wilson got Gatsby’s name from Tom Buchanan wanting revenge on Gatsby. It definitely points to Tom because he just had a fight with Gatsby and he hated him.
How does Nick characterize Gatsby’s state of mind before “the incident” which occurs at the end of the chapter, and what is the incident? Nick characterizes it as a ghost. The incident was the death of Jay Gatsby as well as James Gatz by George Wilson. He was shot while laying down in his pool.

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