Chapter 8 literature ! Great gatsby

How does fitzgerald achieve a melancholic (depression) mood in the beginning of the chapter ? Because he matches it to the characters feelings, and in this chapter there were a lot of melaholic feelings due to the events that happened in this chapter.
How are the seasons used in constructing this novel ? The seasons are based on the characters emotions.
Who is dan cody and what is his significance in Gatsby’s life? Dan cody was the beginning to Gatsby’s new life , his significance is that he’s the reason Gatsby ‘s is the man he is now.
How does Nick’s statement your worth the whole bunch put together show a change in nick ? B/c it was the first compliment he had ever gave Gatsby so it showed a change b/c by him complimenting Gatsby it showed that he changed the way he felt about Gatsby.
How does t.j Eckleberg affect mr. Wilson ? It affects him b/c he looks at those eyes as if they were the eyes of god, so whatever myrtle was doing although wilson could not see her, the eyes of god can.

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