Chapter 8 and 9 Lord of the Flies

What does ralph say that angers jack? he calls the hunters boys armed with sticks
How does Jack express his anger? he criticizes Ralphs way of law and tries to get rid of ralph as a leader with everyones support
How does jack respond to his failure to get support from the group? he leaves to go off on his own this suggest that the boys might have a hard time without him getting food
How does Piggy show “intellectual daring”? Why is this significant he thinks of the idea to move the fire; its significant because he’s the only one that would have the intellect to think of that
why do the biguns wait until the other boys are occupied to leave instead of supporting jacks challenge at the meeting? The biguns wait because they don’t want to show betrayal to ralph; they are ashamed that they wanna follow Jack
What unusual thing happens to ralph after jack leaves ? he begins giving up hope at being rescuedhe is telling himself that they will all come back
What suggestion does Simon make and why? he suggests that they come face to face with the beast because he wants them to see that the beast is not a real alive animal
What are the consequences of the boys decision not to follow him? they remain scared and still believe that the beast is real
What do Jack and the biguns decide to do about the beast? jack suggest that they just forget about the beast and celebrate by killing a pig
What foolish decision does jack make during the hunt? he leaves the pig right where they killed itflies are now swarming it
What happens to simon after the hunters leave? he begins to hallucinate
What does simon see and what does it say to him thats significant? he sees the pig head and thinks its talking to him its saying “i am the lord of the flies”(he faints after he sees and hears it)
What does the pig head represent? that the evil is actually within themsimon was right all along
What is the purpose of Jack’s generosity with the meat he obtained and what does this show? he wants to persuade them shows that he can provide for them
Why does jack command the boys to dance and chant and why is this a leadership tactic? to make them less scared and to distract them
What physiological effect does the dancing and chanting have on them? brainwashing them to become savagesthey get in the zone to kill something
What is the “beast” that the boys kill? simon
How is Simons death ironic and Tragic? simon was the only good one and knew that the beast was not a real animal
Why do you think Golding decided to have the figure fly over the boys and into the sea and why did the body get washed to the shore? lets the boys know that they didn’t really kill the beastfinally off the island and to show that simon is one with nature

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