Chapter 7- To Kill A Mockingbird Questions

What Secret does Jem reveal to Scout? Jem reveals that someone touched/moved his shorts after he left them by the fence but before he went back for them.
What new treasures do the children find in the knothole? They find a ball of gray twine, a pack of gum, a tarnished metal, and some carved soap.
What does Jem learn about in the 6th grade? Jem learns about Egyptians in the sixth grade.
Who does Scout think has been leaving the treasures? Scout thinks that Miss Maudie has been leaving the treasures.
How do the kids express their appreciation? The kids express their appreciation by leaving a note in the knothole.
What do they see the next day? Why do you think Mr. Nathan Radley told the kids that the tree was dying? They see Mr. Radley (Nathan; Boo’s brother) closing up the whole with cement. I think he told the kids that the tree was dying because he didn’t want anymore treasures left in the knothole.
How does this incident affect Jem? This incident affects Jem because he is hurt and he cries.

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