Chapter 7

why did gatsby fire all of his servants because daisy came over and he didnt want any gossip
what does daisy do while tom is on the phone in the other room kiss gatsby
what does daisy tell jordan to do kiss nick
what kind of relationship does daisy have with her daughter she is obsolete
why is gatsby surprise by the childs existence she does not pay attention to her
what does g say daisy mouth is full of money
why does wilson need money from wilson planning to move away with myrtle
how does the weather contribute to the mood in this chapter it is hot
what could the weather symbolize tension
what does daisy tell g that catches him off guard she loves tom
what was g expecting to hear from daisy that she only loves him
what does nick remeber that he has forgotten in all the excitement when they are leaving the hotel his own birthday
who does tom believed killed myrtle gatsby
what really happen to myrtle she gets run over by daisy
who is watching over the incidents in the valley of the ashes tj eckleberg

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