Chapter 7

What does Ralph long for? personal hygiene
What distracts the boys from the search for the beast? They get distracted by castle rock.
What does Ralph daydream about? He daydreams about his home and his parents.
When the boar charges, what does Ralph do? He hits it with his spear.
Who volunteers to go alone through the jungle to tell Piggy the boys will return after dark? Simon replied, and I quote… “I’ll go if you like. I don’t mind, honestly.” Before Ralph had time to reply, he smiled quickly, turned and climbed into the forest.
What do Ralph, Jack, and Roger find when they get to the top of the mountain? They find the dead body of the pilot whose parachute lines have tangled around the rocks, causing him to appear to move when the wind blows. They mistake these movements for the actions of a living “beast.”
What part does civilization play in dictating a need for good grooming? Civilized likes hygiene.
Simon tells Ralph, “you’ll get back.” Why do you think Golding has him say something like this? He basically predicts that Ralph will get rescued at the end of the story.
When Ralph gets caught up in the pig hunt, what does his reaction tell you about him? He acted like a savage.

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