Chapter 5 The Great Gatsby Questions

What does Gatsby offer Nick in return for Nick’s cooperation in inviting Daisy to his house? Gatsby offered Nick a job on one of his sidelines selling bonds. However, Nick declined the offer because he felt that the offer was for a service to be rendered.
What is the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy like initially? They are happy to see each other again. However, they seem as if they are trying to stay away from each other. It was actually pretty funny. And it was so awkward. The author does a great job of describing the sense of awkwardness in the air.
How are Daisy and Gatsby different when Nick returns to the house after half an hour? They are different because they are snuggled up together on the couch, and when he came in he made lots of noise, but they didn’t even notice.
How do these attitudes correlate with the weather? After Nick came back to tea, the rain had stopped, and they were both happy.
What does Gatsby reply when Nick asks him how he makes his money? He replied that he was in the drug and oil business. This shows that Gatsby truly wasn’t the most truthful business man.
What is Gatsby’s dialogue like in this chapter? His dialogue sounds embarrassed and stupid.
What does his dialogue tell us about Gatsby? It tells us that he is not very smart around woman.
Why do you think Daisy sobs when Gatsby shows her his shirts? Because it showed her that if she had waited just a little bit longer for Gatsby, then he would have money, so her parents would have let her marry him.
What are Gatsby’s feelings by the end of the chapter? He was very happy. He got to hold hands with Daisy and everything.
In this chapter, Gatsby’s dream seems to be fulfilled. What indications are there, though, that reality cannot satisfy his dream? The indications are that he was not completely happy at the end. Later we realize that he had made up a dream about Daisy, how she looked, pretty much made up a new Daisy, and then when he actually saw her again, she wasn’t everything he imagined.

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