Chapter 5 Quiz Review The Great Gatsby

At the beginning of the chapter what site does Nick discover upon returning home late the night of his talk with Jordan? Gatsby’s house was lit up like the worlds affair. Gatsby comes out of the hosue and confirms meeting of Gatsby and Daisy.
Even more nervous now that he is in the same room as Daisy, what does Gatsby almost knock off the mantlepiece? Could it be a symbol of anything? A clock. This represents how time has passed since Gatsby last saw each other.
What change did Nick witness in Gatsby after rejoinnig him and Daisy during tea? He’s calm, happy, and not nervous
Where does Gatsby insist on taking Nick and Daisy? What might be his motivation in doing this? To his own house. His motivation was thinking about Daisy;s reaction. He wants to show off his material possessions.
Gatsby mentions absent mindedly that it took him “just three years to earn the money” to buy his impressive house. Why does this comment strike Nick as strange and how does Gatsby explain his comment? Nick thought Gatsby got the money by inheriting it not earning it. He tells Nick he was in the drug business before going into the oil business.
Why do you think Daisy broke down and cried over Gatsby’s shirts? It reminds her she doesn’t get along with Tom Buchanan.
Describe briefly what the green light has meant to Gatsby, and why it might be less significant now. The light shows that the relationship status is very good. Green light- Hope before he saw Daisy. Afterwords the green light has no meaning.
Nick ruminates at the end of the chapter, after Gatsby and Daisy finally meet, that “there must have been moments that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams…”a) Why does Nick say this?b) What does he mean? a) Gatsby lives his life through allusions and his reality falls short of his dreams.b) He knows Gatsby thinks everything should be perfect.
The unique quality of Daisy’s voice is emphasized in the novel. At then end of this chapter, what does Nick say makes her voice so important to Gatsby? Her voice seemed important to Gatsby
How does Nick feel at the end of the chapter, after figuring in the reunion of Gatsby and Daisy? Nick feels left out

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