chapter 4 Lord of the flies

who calls most of the assemblies? Ralph
What does Jack do with Roger to hide from the pigs? Paint their faces like camouflage
what smoke do they see on the water? A ship
what happens when Jack smacks Piggy in the head? His glasses fall off and one of the lenses breaks
who chants, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in”? Jack and the hunter
who breaks piggy’s glasses” Jack
What type of animal do Jack and the hunters kill ? Pig
Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first Signal fire? The hunters
Which boy would rather hunt than build huts? Jack
What two boys see a ship on the horizon? Ralph and piggy
Jack refused to give P some meat because? Piggy did not hunt and Jack hates Piggy
Who gave Piggy some meat? Simon
Wy was a fire to burn at all times? It is a signal for rescue
What does Piggy suggest they build with a stick? a sundial
Why is the signal fire out? The hunters follow jack to hunt the pig
How did the hunters kill the pig? Jack cuts the pig’s throat.

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