Chapter 26 Beowulf

and the previous chapter information that leads to 26 is about? chapter 25 is Hrothgar’s speech following the death of Grendel’s mother, slain by Beowulf. The king talks of how grateful he is to Beowulf, what a hero he is to the Danes. Beowulf and his men are eager to return home and they leave the Danes by boat, as they came.
How does chapter 25 start? Beowulf speaks to Hrothgar the King as Beowulf prepares to leave. He tells him that he is willing to return should the king need him. if Hrothgar is oppressed by neighbors, threatened by war, he will come and defend him.
Who is Beowulf’s king, the king of the Geats? Higlac, a king younger than Hrothgar
Who does Beowulf say will help him if needed should Hrothgar ever call him back to battle? Higlac, the young king
Who is Hrothgar’s oldest son Beowulf mentions that would find “a host of good friends” should he visit Beowulf? Hrethric
Beowulf’s main point to his poetic speech to Hrothgar? he will defend the great king’s honor, fight for him with a “thousand warriors”
Hrothgar replies to Beowulf in this chapter saying? 1. “all-knowing God/ must have sent you such words:/nothing so wise/ from a warrior so young has ever reached / these ancient ears” (1841-44) 2. He calls Beowulf strong, his heart and lips are knowing. 3. He also says that if Higlac’s is slain by a spear, there is no better king than Beowulf to take his place.
what is the name of King Higlac’s father? Hrethrel
What did Beowulf do for the relationship between Geats and Danes? Hrothgar says that Beowulf1. turned those two groups into brothers2. brought peace where once there was war3. and sealed friendship with affection
What again does Hrothgar give to Beowulf as he is leaving to express his gratitude? more gifts. one can assume it is more jewels, gold etc.
How did the Old king Hrothgar say goodbye? He kissed Beowulf, held his shoulder, and cried. He knows he probably won’t ever see Beowulf again.
Beowulf left? He left the king as he cried, Beowulf then—“walked across the green in his golden armor, exalting in the treasures heaped high in his arm” He went towards his boat that was anchored (1879-81)
As Beowulf is leaving, how is Hrothgar described? That Hrothgar’s rich treasure would leave him, Hrothgar, as Beowulf was given them.
How is Beowulf seeing Hrothgar as a king now? he is described as the “perfect king, without fault/ or blame until winter had followed winter/ and age had stolen his strength, spirited it/ off as it steals from many men (1884-1887)
Foreshadowing? that one day the same thing will happen to Beowulf, he will be a great warrior until he too is old and will need someone’s help.

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