Chapter 22 – Quiz

What did the members of the Bonus Army want from the federal government? Early payment of a benefit promised to World War I veterans
Mexican and Japanese immigrants faced similar types of discrimination and hardship during the Depression, but only… unemployed Mexicans were forcibly deported.
What was the long-term impact on the automobile industry of the 1937 Flint, Michigan, sit-down strike? The industry began recognizing the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.
Communists influenced the public response to the Depression by… organizing protest actions and supporting the labor movement.
The Problems of sharecroppers and tenant farmers were ignored by the government unitl the… passage of the second Agricultural Adjustment Act.
Early supporters of the New Deal included many… Progressives.
Which of the following explains Franklin Roosevelt’s popularity with voters in 1932? Roosevelt expressed concern and compassion for the ordinary American.
John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath captured the experience of… migrants attempting to escape the Dust Bowl.
Although the New Deal had a limited impact on the lives of ordinary African Americans, President Roosevelt’s symbolic efforts on behalf of racial equality resulted in… large numbers of African Americans becoming Democrats.
The public’s impression of Hoover during his presidency was that he… was too aloof and insensitive to people’s suffering.
Which belief did President Roosevelt share with Father Coughlin? Radio broadcasts were an ideal venue for communicating political messages.
The dust storms that swept the Great Plains during the 1930s were, in part, a result of… farmers planting only the same single crop year after year.
Roosevelt’s fireside chats reflected his desire to… show Americans that he was working on their behalf.
The fact that the proportion of women in the workforce grew during the 1930s is evidence that… more workers were fired from male-dominated industries.
A higher proportion of black women than white women worked outside the home both prior to and during the Depression because… black men faced higher rates of unemployment than white men.
What percentage of farmers lost their land during the early 1930s? One-third
Fleeing the dust storms of the 1930s, “Okies” in search of new jobs and homes headed for… California.
Why did Roosevelt make ending Prohibition a priority? Legalizing alcohol sales would produce a government income and savings.

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