Chapter 2 of mice and men

What does George answer when the boss asks what he is trying to pull over? George says that he isn’t trying to put anything over, that he and Lennie travel together; they are cousins. He says that Lennie is slow mentally because he got kicked in the head by a horse, but that he is strong and can work well. pg 22
Identify and describe Curley Curley was the boss’ son. He was a young man with a brown face, brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair. He wore a work glove on his left hand, and he wore high-heeled boots. Curley was a little man, but he had been a boxing champion. He was always picking fights, too. pg 35
The Swamper said,”Seems like Curley ain’t givin’ nobody a chance.” Explain. No matter if he wins or losses a fight to a big man, Curley would come out the favorite of the crowd. pg 26-27
What advice does George give Lennie after Curley and the swamper leave? George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley, that he is nothing but trouble. Lennie replies that he doesn’t like this place, and he wants to leave. pg
Identify Slim and Carlson Slim and Carlson are other ranch hands. Slim seems very reasonable and respected and tries to understand George and Lennie. Carson is later responsible for killing Candy’s dog. pg
What does Slim have that Lennie wants? Lennie wants one of the puppies from Slim’s dog.

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