Chapter 16-17 comprehension (to kill a mockingbird)

What does Atticus mean when he says that Mr. Cunningham has blind spots? He sees what he wants to see
Describe the atmosphere before the trial. Why are the blacks and whites separated? It was too loud. People were anxious and unsettled
Who is Dolphus Raymond? What do we learn about him and the way he lives his life? Dolphus Raymond is a white person who pretends to be drunk so people won’t question him about why he sits with black people
Why don’t the Raymond children fit in? They are all half white and half black
Although Atticus has been appointed to defend Tom, the people of Maycomb are against it. Why? They are against it because they are afraid Atticus a win for tom
Who helps the kids find a seat in the court room? Where do they sit? Sykes. They sit in the balcony with the black people
The arrangement of the court room then different from modern court rooms today? It is illegal to be divided by our colors
Why does Atticus ask whether anyone called for a Dr.? Why is this important? To review the injuries
Describe Mayella’s injuries She has a mark on her neck
Where do the Ewells live? They live in a pigsty. Also in a bad section which is never clean
Why do you think the Ewell’s eat squirrel, possum, and rabbit? They don’t have any money, so that is what they have to eat
Summarize Bob Ewell’s interpretation of the incident He heard screaming
Why does Atticus ask Ewell to write his name? To see what hand he wrote with
What do you think Jem realizes when he pounds the rail and says, “We’ve got him”? He knows that left handed people hit with their left hand and that would hit there right hand
What does Scout me when she says, “I thought Jem was counting his chickens”? He assumed he was going to win too early or too quickly

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