Chapter 12 – “Things Fall Apart” (Questions)

What was Okonkwo’s friend, Obierika, celebrating at the beginning of the chapter? His daughter’s Uri, or her wedding.
When the priestess returned with Ezinma, how were the people Umofia acting? Anxious, waiting for her to awake.
At the beginning of the chapter, why were women and children gathered at Oberika’s compound? To help the bride’s mother cook for a whole village.
How did Ekwefi feel after the night of following the priestess? Ekwefi was very exhausted after the long night’s journey.
What did Okonkwo say he would do if the in-laws do not bring more than 30 pots? Did the in-laws end up bringing more than 30 pots? Okonkwo threatened to “tell them his mind” if they didn’t bring 30 pots. Yes, the in-laws did end up bringing more pots.

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