Ch 5

How did Socrates’ view of the good, true and just disagree with that of Sophists? The meaning of these things was not relative
According to aristotle, how might one attain the good life? Balancing action between extremes of behavior
why were the greesk faced with rebuilding Athens after 479 BC? The Persians had destroyed it
Why did aristotle consider catharsis to be so important to a tragedy? It instigated change in the audience
Why were the Athenian citizens endowed with so much leisure time? Slaves outnumbered the Athenian citizens more than two to one.
True of Plat’s republic The arts would have been banned
Why does Sophocles’ Antigone oppose her uncle, Creon She believed burying her borhter is her democratic right and religious duty
Kritos boy He showed a lively posture and a sense of action
what events began and ended the Athens’ Golden Age? Victory over the Persians, defeat by Sparta
Why today does the Parthenon lie mostly in ruins? In 1687 the Venetians exploded gunpowder the Turks had stored in it
Why was Socrates brought to trial and condemned to death? Subversive behavior, impiety and corrupting the youth
Which cult was drama originally associated? Dionysus
Primary duty of women of Athens make male babies
according to Aristotle, how could a person come to know universal truths? By observing the material world itself in which reality exists
Praxiteles’ Aphrodite of Knidos first nude female in greek sculpture

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