Ch. 1 Vocab Of mice and men

Junctures Def: A point where things are joinedSyn: Intersect, VertexAnt: Sepreat, DistantSent: At this juncture, were going to be working on defence.
Debris Def: The remains of something that has been destroyed or broken upSyn: Wreckage, FragmentsAnt: TogetherSent: The storm threw debris acrose the town.
Mottled Def: Having spots or patches of colorSyn: Marked, SpottedAnt: Unidentified, ClearSent: The jews in WWII were mottled.
Recumbent Def: Lying downSyn: Horizontal, RecliningAnt: Prone, UprightSent: She was recumbent on the couch.
Morosely Def: In a sad, gloomy mannerSyn: Sadly, WithdrawnAnt: Happy, DelightfulSent: The boy morosely walked to his room when he got in trouble.
Lumbered Def: To move heavily or clumsilySyn: GoofyAnt: SternSent: The man lumberes when hes scared.
Brusquely Def: In a blunt direct mannerSyn: Stern, SeriousAnt: Funny, rediclious.Sent: The 2 bosses talked brusquely about their pay.
Pantomime Def:A performance using gestures and body movements without wordsSyn: mime, ActingAnt: ShoutingSent: The family loves to play patomime.
Contemplated Def: To consider carefullySyn: Thinking, PonderAnt: Forgot, ScornSent: He contemplated about his moves during chess.
Imperiously Def: Arrogantly domineering or overbearingSyn: Proudly, BoastfullyAnt: Quietly. HumblySent: The swimmer acted imperiously when the team won 1st place.
Anguished Def: Experiencing intense pain especially mental painSyn: Cheerless, HeartbrokenAnt: Happy, Content
Yammered Def: To whine or complainSyn: Break down, WhimperAnt: Praise, ComplimentSent: The dad yelled at his son ” quit Yammering”!

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