Ch 1-3: Of Mice and Men: H. Lit

Describe Lennie’s physical and mental characteristics. Why is George in charge of Lennie? Lennie is mentally challenged and is described to walk like a bear. He’s big and slumped down and his arms hang loosely at his sides. Since Lennie is mentally challenged, George takes it upon himself to take care of him, like a parent.
Why did George and Lennie have to leave their job in Weed? They had to run away in order for Lennie to escape prosecution. Lennie scared a girl by petting her dress because it fascinated him. When the girl tried to get away from him, he got scared and held onto the dress. The girl started yelling and charged him for rape.
Why does Lennie carry a mouse in his pocket? He wants to be able to pet it with his thumb as he walks because he has a fascination with soft things that comfort him.
The mouse that Lennie carries around has what in common with something in Weed? Lennie’s Aunt Clara used to give him mice when they lived in Weed so it’s become a habit for Lennie and mice offer him comfort.
Why does George offer Lennie a pup? Lennie always accidentally kills the mice he is given by petting them too hard. George offers Lennie a pup in order for Lennie to be able to pet the pup without killing it.
Why do George and Lennie feel they are different from the other guys? They believe that they have a future, and more importantly, have each other to look after.
Describe how things are going to be “someday” for George and Lennie. They’re going to own a rabbit ranch where Lennie will be able to take care of the rabbits and where they will only work for themselves and get to boss themselves around.
What instructions does George give Lennie right before they go to sleep by the river in chapter 1? To keep his mouth shut during their interview with the ranch boss and let George do all of the talking.
What do mice seem to represent in chapter 1? What significance might they have with regard to the title of the book or the story themselves? In this chapter, the mice seem to represent a source of comfort for Lennie and show that Lennie doesn’t care whether they’re dead or not as long as they comfort him. For the title, mice, like men, are both victim to their best laid plans going wrongly.
What type of relationship do George and Lennie have with each other? A parent and child relationship
George shows his anger with Lennie as well as his concern for him. Describe their relationship in terms of their reactions to each other. George is like a parent to Lennie because he reprimands him and takes care of him like Lennie is his son. Lennie also acts like George’s child by listening to him and doing whatever George says.
Explain what makes the boss suspicious when he meets Lennie and George. George answers all of the questions directed at Lennie, not allowing Lennie to answer for himself.
What does the boss suspect George of doing to Lennie? What makes him think this? He suspects George wants to take Lennie’s pay because George doesn’t let Lennie answer any questions and answers them for him instead.
What explanation does Candy give George for Curley’s treatment of Lennie? Curley hates big guys. He’s always picking fights with the big guys in order to make himself seem tougher.
Summarize Candy’s description of Curley’s wife. She’s pretty, but, she’s got the “eye”. She gives the “eye” to a couple of the ranch workers when Curley isn’t looking. Candy also calls her a tart.
Name two things that George tells Lennie to do regarding Curley (in chapter 2.) 1.) Try to keep away from him.2.) Don’t ever speak to him.
What does George tell Lennie that Curley’s wife is? What does he instruct Lennie to do about her? A tramp and jailbait: Never even look at her, and to leave her be.
What does George say he’s scared he’ll do? (In Chapter 2) He’s scared that he’ll fight Curley instead of Lennie because he really dislikes Curley.
George lies to the boss at the beginning of chapter 2. What lies does he tell? Why does he think this is necessary? He lies about what they used to do for work and why they left Weed. He believes these lies are necessary because he doesn’t want anyone to know that they had to run away because Lennie is a wanted criminal.
George reminds Lennie of the hiding place by the river. What does this suggest? This foreshadows that Lennie might do something bad when George is not there and will get himself in trouble.
Lennie talks about the ranch and says, “It’s mean here.” What is he trying to express? He’s trying to say that he believes that there is a lot of trouble at the ranch, which could potentially land Lennie in trouble.
Describe George’s reaction when Slim calls Lennie “a cuckoo.” He gets very defensive and argues that Lennie is not “a cuckoo.”
How does George explain his relationship with Lennie to Slim? He explains how he used to make fun of Lennie and play jokes on him because Lennie was “dumb enough” to do anything George asked. It wasn’t until Lennie almost drowned that George stopped.
Why does George tell Slim the truth about what happened in Weed? Slim believes that Lennie is a nice guy and doesn’t mean to ever hurt anybody. He also has a calm, trustworthy nature.
Identify what Carlson asks Slim to do for Candy. He asks Slim to give Candy one of his newborn pups in order for Candy to get rid of his “stinky, old dog.”
What does George ask Whit about the “new kid”, Curley’s wife? He asks if there’s been any trouble since she got here.
Why does George refuse to go with Whit to see whether Slim and Curley will get into a fight? He doesn’t want to get caught up in any trouble.
Describe the offer Candy makes to George. What is George’s first reaction? What is his final reaction? Candy offers to put $350 in for the rabbit ranch if George allows him to come with them. George tries to dismiss it by saying that he’ll think about it. When Candy offers to leave his will and make a share for them just in case he dies before they leave, George agrees to allow him to come.
What does Candy say to George about his dog? He says that he should’ve shot his dog himself, and shouldn’t have let a stranger do it.
Why does Curley attack Lennie? What was the result of this attack? Lennie was smiling because he was thinking of the rabbit ranch but Curley thought he was laughing with the guys that were making fun of Curley. Lennie stopped Curley’s fist from attacking him, and in the process, crushed Curley’s hand.
Explain what Slim makes Curley agree to in Chapter 3. Slim makes Curley agree to saying that he got his hand crushed in a machine in order to keep George and Lennie from being fired. He threatens to let everyone know that Curley is weak because he lost the fight.
Notes on Characters George tells Slim that he used to play tricks on Lennie but doesn’t anymore. Slim remarks that Lennie is “jes like a kid.”Slim protects George and Lennie after Lennie’s confrontation with Curley.Carlson says that he can shoot Candy’s old dog without him feeling any pain.

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