To Kill a Mockingbird

TKAM Chapter Names Study Guide

Chapter 1 The Beginning of the Finch’s Chapter 2 The Adventures of Education Chapter 3 Bugs and Brunch (Mid day dinner) Chapter 4 The Start of the Boo Radley Endeavors Chapter 5 Boo Radley not so bad after all (Miss…

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Tkam chapter 5

describe Miss Maudie Atkinson. how typical is she of maycomb’s women? explain. what do the children think of her? Miss Maudie is not the typical woman at this time. She loves football and wears overalls but does not have a…

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To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab 26-31

Recluse (Chap. 26) ~someone who stays away from society and the company of others”…what reasonable recluse wants children peeping through his shutters…(p. 245)?” Remorse (Chap. 26) ~a feeling of regret and guilt”I sometimes felt a twinge of remorse, when passing…

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TKAM Studyguide

What is Scout (Jean Louise Finch) like? She is an adult now, looking back on her childhood. She starts the story at 6 and you see her gain maturity throughout the novel. She is a tomboy who will fight if…

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