Business Ethics Midterm

When religion and morality are considered: The moral instructions of the world’s great religions are often general and imprecise
When ethical relativism is put into practice, it implies that we cannot say that slavery is wrong if the society in question believes it is right.
Good moral judgment should be logical and based on facts and acceptable moral principles
The famous experiments by social psychologist Solomon Asch show even temporary groups can pressure people to conform.
Choose the statement that is a true reflection of moral beliefs. Bystander apathy apprears to result in part from diffusion of responsibility
If an argument is valid, then its conclusion must be true, if its premises are.
Ethical relativism supports the theory that: what is right is determined by what a culture or society says is right.
The example of Huckleberry Finn shows we shouldn’t rely uncritically on what our conscience says.
Morality and self-interest cansometimes conflict .
For philosophers, the most important issue is not where our moral principles came from, but: whether those moral principles can be justified
Moral attitudes are best depicted by which of the following? Moral Standards typically concern behavior that can be of serious consequences to human welfare.
Proper logic states All sound arguments are valid arguments
In the essay, “is business bluffing ethical?” Albert Carr would agree with all of the following except for: Business should be evaluated by society’s moral standards.
The code or principles of conduct that a person accepts can be distinguished from the person’s morality in a broader sense that includes his or her values, ideals, and aspirations.
Which of the following is NOT one of the four broad categories of law? Contractual law
Philosophical discussion of moral issues typically involves the revision and modification of arguments.
A tangible truth about having moral principles is if you do the right thing only because you think it will pay off, you’re not really motivated by moral concerns.
Choose the statement that gives the most accurate description of etiquette: etiquette refers to any special code of social behavior or courtesy
Which statement is true concerning moral principles and self-interests? Morality serves to restrain our purely self-interested desires so that we can all live together.
According to divine command theory, if stealing is wrong then it is wrong because: Stealing is wrong only because God commands us not to steal.
Talk of justice and injustice typically focuses on: Fairness, equality, desert and rights
Aristotle’s formal principle of justice states, similar cases must be treated alike except where there is some relevant difference.
According to Mill’s utilitarianism rights are certain moral rules, the observance of which is of the utmost importance for the long-run, overall maximization of happiness.
From John Stuart Mill’s viewpoint, only the utilitarian standard can best resolve conflicts between competing principles of justice.
In association with labor and capital, Mill had contrasting views of profit sharing.
What utilitarian identifies as rights are really certain moral rules.
Who is more likely to be sympathetic with the idea of reducing the disparities of income in society? Utilitarians
According to libertarianism, people should not attempt to coerce others.
In Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick advocates Libertariansim
Nozick’s libertarian theory proposes libertarians endorse utilitarianism’s concern for total social well-being.
According to Locke, property is a moral right.
The first principle of Nozick’s entitlement theory concerns the original acquisition of holdings.
To the libertarians, their concept of liberty includes a commitment to private property.
According to John Rawls, people in “the original position” choose the principles of justice solely on the basis of Self-interest.
According to John Rawls, Poeple in the original position choose the principles on the basis of self-interest.
The veil of ignorance demands people in the original position to be impartial.
Primary social goods include status.
John Rawls’ Theory of Justice lays within which type of tradition? Social contract.
The difference principle of Rawls includes individuals are justified by working for the benefit of the least advantaged.
Rawls rejects utilitarianism because it might permit an unfair distribution of burdens and benefits.

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