Brave New World unit questions

What is the World State’s motto? Community, Identity, Stability
What does D.H.C stand for? Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning
What is the Podsnap’s Technique? Accelerated Process of ripening eggs
Why are some embryos labeled “freemartin”? Some embryos are deliberately made sterile
What is the Bokanosky Process? Process of eggs dividing or budding multiple times
Why ere the Delta babies electrified and alarmed when they were playing with flowers and Books? To instill instinctive fear of flowers and books for the rest of their lives.
What is the significance of instilling fear of flowers to the babies? flowers represent love of nature; therefore, they didn’t want Deltas, Gammas, and Epsilons to love nature
What is the defect of having love of nature Having love of nature means no factories and the people become gratuitous.
What was the outcome of Reuben sleeping with the radio turned on? The discovery of Sleep Teaching (hypnopaedia)
Who is Mustapha Mond? He is the Resident Controller of Western Europe
According the Fanny, What was the cause of Bernard Marx being so stunted? People in the laboratory thought Bernard was a Gamma; therefore, inserted alcohol into his bloodstream.
Who is Bernard Marx? He is an Alpha Plus, who specializes in Hypnopaedia
Where is Bernard Marx taking Lenina Crowne? The Savage Reservation
Why does Bernard hate making contact with members of the lower class? it reminds him of his physical inadequacy
According to Bernard, what is his social status among his own class? an outsider
What was troubling Helmhotz? that he has some special power inside him waiting to come out.
What is one condition that all the classes have? Being proud of their class
What was symbolic of the musical performance Henry and Lenina saw? the music symbolically represented intercourse
What game do Henry and Lennina play? Obstacle Golf
What was the result of taking somas at the meeting? People having an orgy-porgy
What are collected from the crematoriums? Phosphorous
What caused Bernard to have sex with Lenina? soma
Because of what behavior does the Director threaten to exile Bernard? Bernard is too antisocial
Where does the Director exile Bernard? Iceland
What was the purpose of Bernard visiting the Director? To get his permission to go to the reservation in New Mexico
Who is Linda’s lover? Popé
Why does Bernard want to bring John back to London? To show the Director his child
What question did John ask Bernard that Bernard find it funny? If Bernard was married to Lenina
What drink did Popé bring for Linda? mescal
Why did three women beat up Linda? Because Linda has slept with their men
John quotes passages from what while starring at Lenina? Romeo and Juliet
Who does Bernard call to get permission to bring both John and Linda back to the World State? Mustapha Mond
What made John become ashamed of himself? Having the thought of touching Lenina while she slept.
As his defense against the director, what does Bernard reveal? He presents Linda and John
At the moment John saw the Director, what does he say? My father!
According to the Director, Bernard was a threat to what? the stability of society
What is the negative result of taking excess amount of soma? shortening a person’s life
What is the positive result of taking excess amount of soma? life seems like eternity to a person
What is the cause for Bernard’s sudden popularity? John the savage
With whom does Lenina grows affection for? John
What caused Bernard’s popularity to plummet? John wouldn’t come out of his room
What does John read Helmholtz and Bernard? Romeo and Juliet
Why does John go to his room in sadness after he read “Romeo and Juliet” to Helmholtz? Helmholtz laughed
Who leaves Bernard’s party because John isn’t there? Arch-Community-Songster of Canterbury
What does Lenina attempt to do with John but fails? sex (rape him)
What does John quote to show his love to Lenina? Shakespeare
What does John call Lenina? A *****
What does John wants to do with Lenina that she finds horrific? grow old with her
Why does John go to the hospital? to see his dying mother
What did the boys say when they see Linda that offended John? fat and ugly
What was the purpose of the nurse bringing children to Linda’s death bed? death conditioning
Who does Linda think John is? Pope
What does John do that infuriates the two Deltas? throw somas out the window
What was Bernard indecisive to do? to aid John and Helmholtz
What do the policemen spray to calm down the riot? soma vapor and a powerful anesthetic
who gets caught by the police by trying to escape? Bernard
What is John’s opinion on soma poison meant to enslave them
What are two reasons why Shakespeare is banned? 1. People want new things, not something that is old, like Shakespeare 2. People won’t understand Shakespeare because they live in a world where none of Shakespeare’s experiences exist
Where do the police take them? Mustapha Mond’s office
Why is science forbidden? science is based on truth and truth jeopardizes stability
Where is HelmHoltz exiled to? The Falkland Islands
What is the discussion between mond and John about? religion and God
What is soma for? To take the pain away if something bad happens
According to John, what is the purpose if believing in God? reason for self-denial and chastity and everything noble and fine and heroic
What is Mond’s input about John’s wishes? it will lead to unhappiness
What does John want? God, poetry, real danger, freedom, goodness, and sin
Why doesn’t John go to the islands? He is part of Mond’s experiment
Where does John live? in an abandoned lighthouse
Whom does he promises himself to always think of? Linda
Based on his behavior or whipping himself, what kind of a person is he? masochist
What happens to John in the end? he hangs himself

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