Brave New World Terms

Bokanovsky’s process artificial process involving hard x-rays used to induce human egg to divide and bud up to 96 times
Viviparous bearing or bringing forth live yount, which develop in the mother’s body. Most mammals do this.
Hyponpaedia “greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time”; the process of implanting programmed thoughts and responses to moral or social situation through repetition while a person sleeps
soma a hallucinant that sedates and calms the people. drug used by government to help maintain social stability. over time causes respiratory system to shut down
free-martin 70% of female population; sterile when decanted, have tendency to grow facial hair
surrogate substitute
pneumatic filled with compressed as, as a tire might be (Lenina wants to know if she is “pneumatic enough” in reference to her bust)…”full of air”
promiscuity not restricted to one sexual partner
decanting being “born” from a bottle; pouring from on container into another. decanting takes place of live birth. complicated scientific process that resembles that of a test-tube baby, involves extracted ovaries and the close monitoring and control of the end product
Neo-Pavlovian reference to work done by Russian scientist Pavlov who helped develop the idea of conditioning
Predestine to determine in advance; the beings in society are given a place in society before they are ever born
Propaganda ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage and opposing cause
slough dead tissue separated from living structure
cabaret a large restaurant providing liquor and musical entertainment
solidarity union of fellowship as between members of a group
conditioning characterized by a consistent pattern of learned or acquired behaviors; “programmed” response to a specific stimulus
Death conditioning starts at eighteen months and is meant to trivialize death
hypnopaedia (sleep teaching) gives moral and social teachings
classical teaches likes and dislikes of physical things
mescal distilled from fermented juice of cactus; Linda’s surrogate soma
budding splitting the fertilized embryo
feelies “movie”; allows viewer to experience sensory images
Malthusian Drill procedure all fertile women perform to avoid contraception

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