Brave New World Terms

Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons The five castes of Utopia.
Anthrax Bomb A pre-Utopian weapon for germ warfare.
Bokanovsky Process A method whereby a human egg has its normal development arrested, whereupon it proceeds to bud, producing many identical eggs.
Bottling The process of putting artificially created embryos into sow peritoneum-lined bottles where they can mature.
Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy A complicated ball game played with complicated equipment.
Chemical Persuasion The use of chemical stimulants and tranquilizers to control the wills of men and thus make them receptive to suggestion.
Community Sing A pseudo-religious and fraternal meeting for the lower classes.
Decanting That process whereby Utopian embryos are removed from the bottles in which they have matured.
Ectogenesis Birth outside the human body.
Electromagnetic Golf, Escalator Squash, Obsticle Golf, Riemann-Surface Tennis Utopian sports played with elaborate equipment to increase consumption.
Emotional Engineering The profession whose practitioners prepare propagandistic diversions for the state’s populace.
Erotic Play A pastime of the Utopian children in which they explore one another’s bodies, designed to forestall any adult feelings of guilt concerning sex.
Feelies An elaborate motion picture in which the audience takes hold of two knobs on the seat and thus feels the action taking place in the screen.
Fertilizing Room The room where human sex cells are artificially united.
Five Step A popular Utopian dance.
Ford The Utopian idol.
Freemartin A sterilized Utopian woman- the majority.
Hypnopaedia Teaching during sleep; used to drum prejudices into the subconscious of the sleeper.
Internal and External Secretion Trust The Utopian organization that is in charge of hormones and extracts to keep the people young and happy.
Liners and Matriculators Employees in the Bottling Room.
Malthusian Belt A device to discourage sex in the unsterilized woman.
Malthusian Drill For the sterilized females- a routine to prevent pregnancy.
Musical Bridge One of the Utopian games.
Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning (or simply Conditioning) An intricate psychological procedure in which a bad stimulus is substituted for a good one to remove an undesirable response, or in which a good stimulus may be substituted for a bad one in order to strengthen a desirable response.
Orgy-Porgy A semi-religious rite in which indiscriminate wholesale sexual relations produce solidarity in the members.
Phosphorous Recovery That process whereby phosphorous is captured from the cremated bodies and returned to enrich the soil.
Pneumatic Said of some the Utopian women, buxom.
Podsnap’s Technique A method of artificially hastening the ripening of the embryos.
Power Elite A small group which governs artificially by means of force.
Pregnancy Substitute A medical procedure in which Utopian women are given all the psychological benefits of childbirth without undergoing it.
Savage Reservation A place where those persons were confined who were not considered worthy of converting to Utopian ways.
Scent and Color Organ A console that plays concertos of fragrant aromas and capriccios of colored lights.
Sexaphone A popular band instrument in Utopia.
Sex-hormone Chewing Gum One of the artificial contrivances to promote sexual satisfaction without conception.
Social Predestination A process whereby a card file of data on all individuals in Utopia is used to establish a quota system for those types of persons the state is about to create.
Solidarity Service A pseudo-religious and fraternal meeting for upper classes.
Soma The religion of the people; it comes in many forms, mainly tablets. It is a pacifier which lulls the passions and understandings of the people; a major instrument of social stability. (The name refers to an actual narcotic used by the ancient Hindus.)
Subliminal Projection An image presented to the sight or words to the hearing for a matter of microseconds and superimposed upon visual or auditory entertainment. What is seen or heard in that lighting-like interval lodges in the subconscious and tends to be a powerful influence on subsequent behavior.
Super-Vox-Wurlitzeriana A synthetic-music box.
Surrogate A substitute for something, or the thing in an adulterated form.
T-Model Utopian counterpart of the Christian cross; Ford removed the top bar, making a T.
Violent Passion Surrogate (V.P.S.) Another chemical devised to give the body the psychological feeling of having had normal sexual relations.
Voice of Good Feeling The artificial voice that quells any riot by lulling the populace with pacific suggestions from loudspeakers.
Will-to-Order That compulsion in man which urges him to create unity out of multiplicity, and hence to over organize things.
callow unsophisticated
sententiously wisely
maudlin unsentimental
simian ape-like
proliferate multiply
deferential respectful
surreptitious secret
ruminating chewing
burgeoned blossomed
quartos books
effusive gushing
incandescence brilliance
prodigious enormous
sibilant hissing
discarnate spiritual
asceticism self-denial
demijohn bottle
imperative command
evocation portrayal
atonement satisfaction
surrogate substitute
apertures openings
pneumatic voluptuous
derisively jeeringly
satiety fullness
carping critical
moribund dying
galvanized aroused
blasphemy irreverence
queue line
interminable endless
paroxysm outburst
solecism blunder
scathing damaging
peremptorily imperatively
avowed acknowledged
innocuous harmless
magnanimous generous
propitiate pacify
vindictively spitefully
emphatically forcefully
mollified calmed
carapace shell
carrion corpse
ignominy dishonor
ingratiating flattering
deprecating disapprovingly
turpitude depravity
scatological obscene
impudent sassy

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