Brave New World – Study Guide

Mitsima showed John how to work with clay
World State’s motto Community, Stability, Identity
What does John do to himself? he hangs himself
Children were given these then visiting the hospital for the dying chocolate ice cream
Where was John Born? Malapis
What is the highest caste? Alpha Plus
___Process makes multiple twin embryos Bokanovsky
John’s father: Tomakin, Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning
Beta who was lost during a visit to the Savage Reservation Linda
He realized that, like Bernard, he an individual Helmholtz
Recreational stress free drug Soma
Name of the deity in this world Henry Ford
Movies Feelies
Linda’s son John
Author Huxley
Person in charge Mustapha
He taught John how to work clay and make a bow Mitisima
They do not need books to perform their social functions deltas
Orgy Porgy
He brought John the Complete Works of Shakespeare Pope
Solidarity Service Religious type of service where people take soma, chant & feel a oneness
Babies were conditioned to hate these and flowers books
Pronoun for linda she
Bernard’s last name Marx
John compared Lenina to Juliet
She went with Bernard to see the savage reservation Lenina
expire, pass on; end life die
negative answer no
belonging to him his
Director of ____and Conditioning Hatchery
Made the acquaintance of met
an untruth lie
___New World Brave
Director of Hatcheries & Conditioning
No civilization without social stability, No social stability without individual stability.
The point of conditioning was to make people like their inescapable social destiny
Place where Bernard was sent with the most interesting people of the world island
There ain’t no–in the world/Lie that dear little—of mine bottle
—workers at–machines will perform__tasks identical
an obscene world from the past mother
I___them all! claim
That was when science first began to be controlled-after the __Years war 9
Lenina decided Bernard was odd
Place where John and linda lived the reservation
death was considered pleasant in the new world
clones copies; group of genetically identical cells descended from a single common ancestor

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