Brave New World Study Guide

What is the motto of the “new world?” Community, Identity, and Stability
Who is the D.H.C. The director of Hatcheries and Conditioning
What three steps are involved in creating a human beig at the Central London Conditioning and Hatchery? Describe them. An egg is removed and fertilized, it undergoes predestination, Posnap’s technique, and Bukanovsky’s process, and then finally it travels on a conveyor belt for 267 days, are “decanted” or born on the 267th day.
Describe Bukanovsky’s process. Explain why Bukanovsky’s process is one of the major instruments of social stability. It’s the principle of mass production applied to the science of biologically identitical workers at indentical machines which will perform identitcal tasks. It divides embreyos into anywhere from 8-96 embreyos instead of one. It assists the progress of the “new world.”
What is Podsnap’s technique? What it’s the goal? Why? A way of ripening all of the eggs in the ovary. The goal is to do this over a 2 year period. For effeciency.
What are the five classes of people? Why does the brave new world need a caste system? Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon. They need a caste system to determine their social function.
How are the lower class citizens predestined to enjoy their jobs? What are “things” that are done to embryos to ensure affinity to their jobs? Epsilons are taken out of the incubator after only 3 hrs. vs the normal embryos which stay there until maturity. They also get less oxygen so that they are less intelligent. They are conditioned for their predestination in the social predestination room.
What is Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning? What is it’s purpose? Human babies are conditioned through electroshock to hate flowers and books.
Why are the babies being conditioned to hate books and flowers? It trains them not to enjoy those objects and to hate nature and curiosity.
How is the conditioning reinforced? In hypnopaedic slogan. AKA sleep teaching slogans, values, etc…
What does hynopaedia teach? What does is not teach? It teaches their place and worth in society. It doesn’t teach them to play with the Epsilons, and it doesn’t give them an education.
What is Elementary Class Consciousness? A sleep taught lesson on class importance
What caste do the students that are taking the tour belong to? They are betas
What is the name of the deity in this world? Why is he picked by the author to begin the future? Ford. Ford was a leader (psychological matters). It is also after Henry Ford because he is considered the father of modern industrialism.
Why is “mother” such an obscene word? Nobody really knows what a “mother” is in that society, and nobody really has one.
What are the women discussing? How has Lenina been behaving abnormally? The women talk about Lenina and how she is strangely expressing distress. Also people are concerned about her seeking a long drawn relationship
What are the children doing in the garden? Several hundred naked children are playing and participating in erotic behavior.
What is Mustapha Mond discussing in his lecture? Mond expresses his unique views of freedom, happiness, and heroism.
Describe the conversation between Henry Foster and the Assistant Predestinator for the Center. They plan to see a movie that night
How is Bernard Marx different from his assosciates? Describe Bernard Marx’s soliloquy. He is an Alpha plus, and he dislikes many things in his society.
Why does Lenina want to go out with Bernard? She wants to see a savage reservation.
What is soma? Soma is a drug to relieve any stress that you feel
How do the men feel about Lenina? They think that Lenina is an Epsilon-minus
How does Lenina not fit into the society? What does she feel that is different? She isn’t really unique, interesting, challenging, or even intelligent.
Why/How does Lenina embarrass Bernard? Bernard is always embarrassed by what he considers intimate conversations taking place in front of others. And in the elevator she said she accepted his request to go to the savage reservation.
How do Bernard and Lenina’s reactions to the rooftop differ? Bernard remarks about the beauty of the sky. Lenina only sees it as a backdrop to play obstacle gold.
Why does Bernard feel so self-conscious? Who does he especially feel self-conscious around? He is very small. He feels especially self-conscious around men from the lowers castes because they are used to looking up to larger built men.
Bernard is not completely conditioned. How do we know this? The
Describe Helmholt Watson. How are Bernard and Helmholtz alike? Helmholtz Watson is an Alpha-plus. They are both very intelligent. However, Watson has much more self-esteem.
What does Helmholtz do for a living? What does he want to do? He is a lecturer on writing at the CEE (College of Emotional Engineering). He also writes various propaganda slogans.
At the end of the chapter, what does Helmholtz dislike about Bernard? Helmholtz feels sorry for Bernard. He feels that Bernard should have more self-esteem and pride.
What happens to the members of the Brave New World when they die? The dead are taken to crematories where bodies are burned and any valuable chemicals are recovered.
What point do Lenina and Henry make about equality in the scene? Lenina conditions phrases about colors of others castes’ being ugly, and how glad she is to be a beta. It shows that all castes are seen at a different standing from each castes’ point of view.
What do they do on their date? They sleep together
In Part 2, Bernard attends his bi-monthly Soliditary Service, the Brave New World’s version on church. In many ways it is like a religious service, but in a few ways it is definitely not. Describe the soliditary service. It is a ‘religious’ type of service where people take soma, chant, and feel a oneness. It’s similar in the sense that it may remind one of communion, the singing of hymns, etc… However, it is very different because soma is a drug, and it’s to reinforce the belief system, which has a very negative connotation to it.
What is wrong with Morgana Rothschild? (Notice how Bernard obsesses about this!) She had a gross unibrow
Why is Bernard unable to feel the oneness with his group? He was miserably isolated now. He was separate and untoned, much more alone and hopeless, distracted by a unibrow.
Read the words of the three hymns. What do they all have in common? “I drink to my annihilation.” “Orgy-porgy.” “Cause the one in control here is Jesus Christ.” They all share the point that in times of crisis, people always turn to Jesus Christ.
Bernard tells two lies in this chapter. What are they? “Yes I thought it was wonderful.” (Not sure of the other lie that he told).
What happens at the end of the service? The solidarity group always ends with dancing, chanting, and people in bed together as pairs.
How does Bernard want to spend his dates with Lenina? He wants to relax, talk, and have sex. He also wants to take walks, and to talk alone.
On Bernard’s date with Lenina, what behaviors of his seem extremely odd to her? (6 behaviors). Very conditioned, selfish, he frightens Lenina, hovers, and is angry and weird.
After their date, what does Bernard think of Lenina as? A waste of time
What does Bernard tell Lenina he wants to feel? Free from enslavement of his social conditioning (he feels very strongly about this).
When Bernard goes to get his permit signed to go to the New Mexican savage reservation, how does the director treat him at first? He was surprised, and it brought back many memories to him.
Why and how does this change? Being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her gone
Why does the Director threaten to send Bernard to Iceland? Bernard’s social behavior is suspect. The fact that he doesn’t fit in — and doesn’t especially WANT to fit in– being noticed. He is threatened to be exiled to Iceland by the director.
How does Bernard react to this? He goes ballistic and cries
Why is Bernard suddenly panicky as he is waiting to have the reservation permit signed? He left his Eau-de-cologne tap on
Where do Bernard and Lenina go at the start of this chapter? Malpais – the savage reservation
What does Lenina see at this location that horrifies or disgusts her? Lenina was horrified by the whipping of the boy in sacrifice, or respect to god. She was also disgusted by the blood because of the hynopaedic treatment she had received.
Why is Lenina disgusted by Linda? Lenina was disgusted by Linda’s appearance; her wrinkles, her missing teeth, etc… In the Utopia people are kept from looking anything but perfect, and Lenina is not used to seeing anybody as ‘disgusting’ as Linda. She is also disgusted by the lack of cleanliness of the location, and of the people.
How is the aging process prevented in the utopia? In the utopia the aging process is prevented by keeping their internal secretions artificially balanced at a youthful equilibrium. They do not permit their magnesium-calcium to fall below what it was at thirty, they give them transfusion of young blood, and keep their metabolism permanently stimulated.
What offends Lenina that Bernard defends outrageously? When Bernard defends that being a mother is a beautiful intimate relationship that Lenina may have missed out on.
What did the drumbeats remind Lenina of? The synthetic noises made at Solidarity Services and Ford’s day celebrations
Describe the ceremony Lenina and Bernard watched. What gods are prayed to? The savages danced in circles with snakes, then the snakes were sprinkled with cornmeal and water. Then a painting of Jesus was brought out and a young boy bowed to it before being beaten with a whip
How are LInda and John different from the other savages? Linda is different because she grew up somewhere else and learned completely different morals and ideals. John is different because he is blonde and white, unlike the savages. He is teased and not treated equally for being this way. Something special about John is that Linda teaches him to read, which was a privilege others do not have.
What does Bernard learn about John’s parentage? His father is the director who had lost the girl he was having here in Malpais.
What caste had Linda been in? She was a beta
How does Linda compare life on the reservation to life in the Utopia? She despises her life on the reservation and dreams of being back at home. While she tells Lenina her story, tears come to her eyes just from thinking of the Utopia.
In this chapter, Bernard asks John to recollect his life on the reservation. What does John remember? John recalled being a child and being put in another room than Linda by a man who seemed to have the wrong intentions. He also remembers how upset the savages were when Linda broke something, and most of all, he remembers Linda always being drunk and being taunted by the other children about the way he looked. Lastly he remembers the stories Linda told him about the Utopia and learning to read from her.
Why do the women whip Linda? She was whipped by other women because she didn’t understand that everyone did not belong here and their men weren’t hers too.
Who did John hate as he was growing up? Popé
What became John’s most important learning tool? Who gave this book to John? The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – and it was given to him by Linda
What things does Mitsima teach John? To work the clay
What had been the ultimate rejection in John’s life? When he went to enter the Kiva with the other boys so they could come out as men, but they told him not to come, and they beat him with stones
Why do Bernard and John both feel alone? They are both the outcasts of their society
What did John do as his own “Rite of Manhood?” He stood against a rock in the middle of the day, in the summer, with his arms out, like Jesus on a cross.
Why does John ask Bernard if he is married to Lenina? He asks because he likes her, but if Bernard is married to her it is wrong to like her
What reaction to that question do both Bernard and John have? Bernard laughs because the concept is comical to him, but John laughs of joy
What is meant by a “Soma Holiday?” A drug induced state of relaxation
Who does Bernard go to see in order to obtain the “necessary orders” to bring John and Linda to London? Mustapha Mond
What is the reason Bernard gives this man for bringing these two individuals to London? It would be of sufficient scientific interest
Early in chapter nine, when is John twice reduced to tears? When he thought Bernard and Lenina had left without him
What dos John do in Lenina’s room? He recited a poem from Romeo and Juliet to her
To whom does John liken Lenina? Juliet from Romeo and Juliet
Back in London, why has the Director summoned Bernard to the fertilizing room? To ‘dismiss’ Bernard in front of everyone (high caste workers), using him as an example as a public example.
In this scene, how does Bernard upset and humiliate the Director? By what name is he called by Linda? By John? Bernard upsets the Director by being “heretical,” with strange behavior. The Director wants to send him to Iceland where he can’t influence anyone. Linda calls the Director “Tomakin!” And John calls him ‘father,’ humiliating him so much so that he leaves.
What was Bernard’s real purpose for bringing John and Linda to London? He wants to expose the Director as John’s father
Following this scene, what does the director do? The Director cups his ears and rushes out of the room
Why is everyone interested in John but not Linda? Linda was disgusting to look at because she was fat, had bad teeth, a bad complexion, and people felt sick looking at her. However, John was of interest because of what a savage he is, and because he was born, not decanted.
How does Linda spend her time? She spends it taking Soma, and trying to feel better with the feeling of ‘eternity’ even though she is shortening her life-span.
How does London react to Bernard and how does he handle his new popularity? He becomes famous for being the Savage’s (John’s) accredited guardian, and be begins to feel very special now that there are no more rumors being spread about him, but he also becomes very conceited and egotistical. Some people even disagree with him because of his ego (ex: Helmholtz). He uses his popularity to get with women.
How are Utopian children prepared for death? They laugh at movies of ‘savages’ beating themselves up with whips, and they visit the crematorium.
What Shakespearean character’s words does John repeat over and over again? “O brave new world that has such people in it.”
What is Eton? What does John observe here? A school in London where John observes that there are no Shakespearean books there, and he sees children laughing at the movies.
According to the geography taught at Eton, what is a “savage reservation?” A place for the outcasts and misfits
The libraries of the World State contain only reference books. Why? They don’t want another distraction for the kids. No solitary amusements for them.
What is the reaction of the “Savage” to the “feelies” he and Lenina attend? He thinks it’s horrible and ignoble, and he hates the movie.
Why does Lenina cry at the end of Chapter 11? How was she expecting her date with John to end and how does it actually end? She cries because John leaves before having sex with her, and that is how she wanted her date to end. Also, she takes the soma to help ease the ‘pain.’
Explain Bernard’s sudden increases popularity. He is considered the savages official guardian
How does Bernard’s popularity change him? He becomes egotistical
What does John refuse to come to the party? Mustapha Mond and Bernard leave
How does John’s refusal affect Bernard? Why does the Arch-Songster advise Bernard to “mend his ways?” It makes it seem like Bernard has lied and that he is the bad person for making fools out of all the high caste people, and everyone is furious with him. The Arch-Songster advises him to “mend his ways” before it’s too late or else he would become a laughing stock once again
Why is the paper entitled “A New Theory of Biology” so dangerous? The paper is heretical according to Mustapha Mond, and as far as the present social order, it is dangerous and potentially subversive. This is because of how the paper could raise curiosity that would make people lose their faith in the Utopia.
How does Bernard react to his downfall? He was back in low spirits, soberly becomes his old self, and is plain miserable.
What does Helmholtz Watson do that gets him into trouble? He uses an example he wrote himself, instead of one he was supposed to use while giving his Advanced Emotional Engineering course to the students.
When John reads to him from Romeo and Juliet, Helmholtz bursts into laughter. Why? He finds the story of Romeo and Juliet hilarious. He finds Juliet’s actions, and those of her parents very idiotic. He isn’t used to parents making choices for you rather than being decanted and free.
Why does Helmholtz call Shakespeare a “marvelous propaganda technician?” Helmholtz said Shakspeare had to have gone through something upsetting before being able to write such penetrating phrases since he has such insane and exciting things to write about (which made him a ‘marvelous propaganda technician’).
Why does Lenina get so angry with Henry and Fanny? They are very interested with her sexual activity
What advice does Fanny give Lenina concerning John? Fanny suggests that Lenina should rape him
How does John’s love confession prove his naivete to the ways of the world? It shows how he is very sophisticated and emotional, and unaware of some dangers.
After his confession of love for Lenina, how does she react? Why does John react the way he does? At first it surprises her, but then she throws herself at him. John acted how he did because he remembered that 3 weeks in a helicopter.
By what names does he call her and why? He calls her an ‘impudent strumpet’ (aka *****) because of how she undressed for him so abruptly, and because of how she acted.
Is there any way John and Lenina could be together? Why or why not? Because of the situation, and their complete differences in sophistication, most likely not.
John received a telephone call To what location does he go? He goes to the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying
Why has John gone to the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying? His mom (Linda) is ill
While in her soma-induced state, who does Linda think John is? Linda thinks John is Popé
How does the treatment of dying “fit” with the morals of the Brave New World? The Soma treatment is kind of an anesthetic of reality, and that fits with how the children are taught to not feel certain emotions
How are the Delta twins conditioned in regards to death? How is this fitting? Why are children given treats when the visit the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying? They are brought to the hospital and given treats. It is fitting because it shows them how to accept death. They’re given treats to help them understand that death is not bad, and it is simply another part of life.
How does John react to the twins? He reacts with anger. He grabs one and is ready to strike him.
What is the atmosphere of the hospital? The hospital is full of technology, TVs, is very modernized, and the people are a bit insensitive
How are the actions of the people John encounters there appropriate for the people in BNW? They are very fierce, strict, and insensitive. In addition the children are naive.
How does John feel and react to Linda’s death? Why is John’s reaction to his mother’s death inappropriate? He is angered and crying. It’s inappropriate because the people in BNW are numbed to feeling emotions in that kind of way.
Who does John liken to “maggots?” Why? The Bokanovsky twins. They hovered over Linda’s death (in a way that reminds him of maggots).
In the hospital, what does John attempt to do in order to truly establish a “Brave New World?” He tries telling the children to stop taking their Soma because it’s a trap and that they’re being lied to. He adds that it’s like poison for the mind and body.
When/Why was Bernard standing “in agony of humiliated indecision?” He just stood there listening to John speaking without knowing exactly what to do
How did the riot squad calm the crowd? They used a Synthetic Music Box which projected the Voice of Reason, and repeated “happy and good” over and over again.
How was John injured in the riot? Helmholtz? John had a cut lip, scratched neck, and a bitten left hand. Helmholtz got a bloody nose. This was from when John tossed their Soma away and the Bokanovsky children became very very upset and charged the two.
Why is Bernard taken away with John and Helmholtz? Bernard was taken away too because as he woke up from being shot with anaesthetic, he tried to sneak out, and get away.
At the end of the “riot” where, exactly, are John, Bernard, and Helmholtz? The controller’s study
What reasons does Mond give for not allowing the citizens of BNW to read Shakespeare? It is old and they don’t have any use for old things, specifically beautiful old things (because beauty attracts people, and they don’t want attraction to old things).
Why can’t the people of BNW understand a work like Othello? Their world is not the same as Othello’s world. They do not have the problems to make things such as tragedies, and that is the price that they have to pay for social stability.
Why explanation does Mond give for all Utopians not being decanted as Alpha-double-plusses? A society of Alphas couldn’t fail to be unstable and miserable. An Alphsa man would go crazy if he had to do Epsilon work.
Why was the Cyprus Experiment? A large group of Alphas who were colonized with only Alphas, and were left to manage themselves. The result was strikes, disobedience, slack, ambition, and eventually, civil war
What model did BNW use for its population? An iceberg (8/9 below water, 1/9 above)
What doesn’t BNW put into use all the “labour-saving” (sic) devises that are submitted to the Inventions Office? It would be sheer cruelty to afflict them with excessive leisure because of an Ireland experiment (4 hours work days and increased Soma consumption).
Why does Mond think that it would not be a punishment to be banished? Islands house the interesting men and women in the world, who have become too individual to fit into everyday life.
To what island is Bernard being sent? Watson? Bernard: Iceland Watson: Falkland Islands
Describe the confrontation between Mond and John. What has been sacrificed in the “BNW?” (4 items) John believes that they have paid a high price for happiness, they forgo art, science, religion, and passion.
John contends that one must have extremes of suffering and delight. Explain his view. John feels that humans need suffering and delight, and the pain worth suffering for the delight.
The Utopians have Violent Passion Surrogate put in their systems once a month. What is the purpose of this? People must have adrenals stimulated from time to time, psychological of fear and rage without all of the inconvenience.
Mond points out that John is claiming the right to old age, senility, disease, poverty, hunger, torment, fear, and pain. What is the Savage’s reaction to this? He said “I claim them all.
Why does John ingest mustard and warm water? He was purifying himself of the civilization and sin which he had “eaten.”
What is the plan for Helmholtz and Bernard? They are leaving to their respective islands tomorrow
Why isn’t John being allowed to go with Helmholtz? The controller wanted to go on with the experiment
Where does John go (building and location in England)? Describe his plan of existence? An old light house between Puttenham and Elstad, with a beautiful view. However, he deserved to lie in filth and suffering.
What do the three Delta-Minus workers witness John doing to himself? How is John’s isolation disturbed after this discovery? They witness him whipping himself, and reporters there amount it, and they come to interview him.
After John’s recollections of Lenina’s beauty, how does he react? “Impudent strumpet! But oh, oh, her arms around his neck, the lifting of her breats, her mouth, then he goes to throw himself on a thorny bush.”
What happens when the cameraman begins to make a feely film of John’s self-torture? The savage of surrey was released and felt in every first class feely house in western Europe, helicopters started flying into John’s lighthoue
Describe the way John treats Lenina when she arrives? He lashes out at her with his whip
Discuss John’s participation with the crowd. What happens? The spectators all mimed the savage’s actions then they had an orgy.
When people return to the lighthouse the next night, what do they find John has done? Why. He has hung himself because he remembered what he had done the night before.
What spectical have all the people come to John’s lighthouse to see? They have come to see him whip himself

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