Brave New World Study Guide

Who is the D.H.C.? The D.H.C. is the Director of Hatcheries & Conditioning
What is the Bokanovsky’s process? It is a process by which one human embryo will divide into from 8-96 buds to form multiple “twin” embryos.
Explain why Bokanovsky’s process is one of the major instruments of social stability. It is the principle of mass production applied to the science of biology. Identical workers at identical machines will perform identical tasks.
What is the point of conditioning? It is to make “people like their unescapable social destiny”
Why are the babies being conditioned to hate books and flowers? The deltas do not need books to perform their social function; they might attempt to think for themselves if allowed to see unfamiliar ideas. The conditioning against nature is for economic reasons. Enjoying nature is free and doesn’t keep any factories busy.
How is the conditioning reinforced? The children listen to recordings during their sleep.
What is the name of the deity in this world? Ford
Why is “mother” such an obscene world? It recalls the past when people were individuals living in families. Every association of family, of preference for one person over another, has been conditioned out of the people. The idea of giving birth and living in families fills them with disgust. It is, they think, how dirty animals live, not how civilized human beings should live.
How is Bernard Marx different from his associates? He is an Alpha Plus, a member of the highest chaste which allows him more intellectual freedom. He is smaller than he should be and this makes him feel different and therefore alone. It is obvious he dislikes many practices of his society.
Why does Lenina want to go out with Bernard? She wants to see a Savage Reservation
What is soma? Soma is a drug the people take for recreational purposes and to relieve any stress they might feel.
How are Bernard and Helmholtz alike? Both enjoy talking and being alone although Helmholtz doesn’t have the feeling of being different that Bernard has.
What is a Solidarity Service? It is a “religious” type of service during which people take soma, chant and feel oneness.
Why is Bernard unable to feel the oneness with his group? He is unable to take the service seriously and is distracted by Morgana’s eyebrow.
How does Bernard want to spend his dates with Lenina? He wants to take walks so they can be alone and talk.
Why does the Director threaten to send Bernard to Iceland? Bernard’s social behavior is suspect. The fact that he doesn’t fit in and doesn’t especially want to fit in is being noticed.
How are Linda and John different from other savages? Linda is a Beta who was lost during a visit to the reservation years ago. John is her son. They are somewhat “educated” in the ways of civilization.
Why is Lenina disgusted by Linda? Linda has aged naturally, become fat, lost some of her teeth, and is filthy.
Why do the women whip Linda? They do not understand that she has been conditioned to have relations with many men; the village women think she is a slut, trying to take away their husbands.
What things does Mitsima teach John? He taught him to work clay and make a bow.
What books does Pope bring for John? He brings The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
Why do Bernard and John both feel alone? In their words, neither one of them fits in; they are both different from the people they live with.
To whom does John liken Lenina? He compares her to Juliet.
How does Bernard humiliate the Director? He brings Linda and John to the center and exposes the Director as John’s father.
Why is everyone interested in John but not Linda? John is young and handsome and was born rather than decanted; these things made him interesting to the people. Linda, on the other hand, is physically repulsive and a mother; she is a living obscenity.
How does Linda spend her time? She stays on soma all the time.
Why does John throw up? He is disgusted by the society which created the lower caste workers.
What other “civilized” customs disgust John? The casual sex, pornographic entertainment, and constant soma holidays also disgust John.
Why does John refuse to come to come to the party? He is tired of being put on display and having his beliefs ridiculed.
How does John’s refusal affect Bernard? Bernard loose the respect of the people and is again in trouble of being odd.
How does Bernard react to his downfall? The shallowness of his character becomes obvious. He resents John and also his old friend Helmholtz for taking him back as a friend without any apologies. He is also jealous of the developing friendship between John and Helmholtz.
Why are children given treats when they visit the Hospital for the Dying? They are conditioned to associate pleasant things with death.
Why is John’s reaction to his mother’s death inappropriate? He is showing concern for an individual, his mother, in a society where the individual is insignificant. His concern about her death and his love for her are concerned bad behavior.
Why does John attempt to stop the soma distribution? He sees it as a drug that enslaves the people and is harmful to them.
What happens to Bernard and Helmholtz? They are both banished to islands to live with other people of a high caste who could not fit into society.
Why does the Controller say they should be happy to be banished? They will be able to live among other free individuals and thinking people.
Why are Shakespeare and scientific research banned? Art, literature, and scientific inquiry would upset the stability of society.
What does John mean when he says, “I claim them all”? He means that he wants his life to be filled with the full range of human passions, desires and emotions. He wants love and happiness but also the loss and uncertainty that can accompany them. He wants to face hardship and overcome it rather than having a limited, comfortable life.
Why does John drink mustard water? He wants to vomit and purify himself.
Why does John torture himself? He is tortured within with grief for his mother and anger at the society that comes to gawk at him. He wants the pain to drive his desire for Lenina out of him. The torture is a kind of a purification rite.
To what end does John come? He hangs himself after the crowd drive him into a violent frenzy.

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