Brave New World Questions (Chapters 7-9)

Why doesn’t Lenina like the Indian guide The Indian guide says nothing and smells bad
To what does Lenina compare the top of the mesa The top of the mesa reminds Lenina of the view from the Charing T Tower
What shocks Lenina about the old man The old man is wrinkled and sagging. Lenina has never seen the real signs of aging
How does Bernard try to appear strong and brave Bernard talks about mothers, babies, and birth. He tries to act very urbane about what he sees
Of what do the drums remind Lenina The drumbeat reminds Lenina of the rhythms used during the Solidarity Services, especially the orgy
How does the new Savage appear different The new Savage has blonde hair and blue eyes. He speaks to them, but his manner of speech is strange
What about Lenina fascinates the blonde Indian Lenina is dressed differently; she is fair−skinned, clean, and beautiful
Why is Bernard so excited with the answers the Savage gives to his questions Bernard begins to realize that this is the Director’s child and a means to Bernard’s revenge
Why was Linda segregated and shunned by the rest of the pueblo Linda misused the Indian drugs and was openly promiscuous
What can the reader infer Linda hopes will happen now (End of Chapter 7) Linda sees Bernard and Lenina as her salvation because they will take her back to the Other Place where she belongs
What is one of John’s earliest memories John remembers being locked out of Linda’s room so Popé could have sex with her
What do the women do to Linda in the weaving room Linda had broken some threads on the loom. The women scream at her and chase her out.
How do the women punish Linda for her promiscuity The women of the pueblo break into Linda’s house, hold Linda down on the bed, and beat her
When John calls Linda “Mother,” what does she do and What does he always call her after that Linda slaps John when he calls her Mother. After that, he always calls her Linda
Why does John often turn to the old men of the tribe The old men of the tribe can use tribal lore to explain many things to John that are beyond Linda’s comprehension
Why is John always in ragged clothes and What is his solace Linda has no idea how to mend or wash clothes; so John always looks ragged and dirty. He uses his readingas his escape.
What book does Popé bring for John Popé had found an ancient copy of Shakespeare’s plays in a trunk. He brings the book to John
What does Mitsima teach John Mitsima is kind to John. He tries to teach him how to make decorative and practical pottery and promises toteach him how to make a bow
What does John do when he is denied the initiation rite John goes to the edge of the mesa and sits facing the moon. From his own mixed−up mythology, he createshis own initiation rite
When Bernard offers to take John to London, what does John ask John wants Linda to go to London, too
How does Lenina handle the disgust of her visit to the Reservation when she returns to the guest house Lenina takes enough soma to sleep for 18 hours.
Does Bernard sleep and Why Bernard lies awake planning John’s trip.
Whom does Bernard call from Santa Fe and Why Bernard calls Mustapha Mond directly to get permission for John and Linda to come to London
What does Mond do when he receives Bernard’s call Mond immediately sends permission for Bernard to take John and Linda off the Reservation
Why does Bernard treat the Warden the way he does Bernard feels very self−satisfied with his call to Mond and he has to flaunt his importance.
How does John feel when he comes to the rest house John thinks that he has been deserted and Bernard will not take him to London. He sits and cries
Why does John break the window John sees Lenina’s green suitcase and he must get in the room to touch something that is hers
How does John handle Lenina’s clothes and make−up John handles Lenina’s things as if he were touching the relics of a saint.
Does John touch the sleeping Lenina? Why? John kneels at Lenina’s bed but feels he is unworthy to touch her.
What causes John to leave John hears Bernard’s plane and runs out to greet him.

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