Brave New World Final Test

Bernard Marx? an Alpha male who fails to fit in because of his inferior physical stature; his beliefs are also different from the normal beliefs. He is not content with the world that he lives in
Lenina Crowne? a vaccination worker at the Hatchery; promiscuous object of desire. She develops a liking of John and Bernard throughout the book
Mustafa Mond? the resident world controller of Western Europe, one of only ten World Controllers. He stresses stability, and is very strict (exiles people that have different beliefs)
Henry Foster? perfect alpha male, ex lover of Lenina
John the Savage? son of Director and Linda, did not grow up in the World State, but grew up in New Mexico, has negative views on the WS and is a big fan of Shakespeare
Linda John’s mom, she fell pregnant with Director’s son while visiting New Mexico and was left behind to raise John by herself at the reservation. When they visited the WS she abused soma leading to her death
“Tomakin”-the Director John’s dad, leads the Hatchery but quits after finding out that John is his son
Helmholtz Watson an Alpha lecturer at College of Emotional Engineering, he has similar views to Bernard
Bokanovsky’s Process? they make multiple identical copies of Epsilons, Gammas, Deltas; workers.
Centrifugal Bumble Puppy? a game played by the children involving complicated machines
Decanting? when the processed babies are born/removed from bottle or tube
Feelies? movies that you can “feel”
Ford? their “God”
Freemartin? woman who is not fertile, unable to get pregnant
Hypnopaedia? learning while sleeping
Malthusian Belt? birth control
Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning? conditioning of babies, get electrocuted
Social Predestination? the caste you are assigned to
Soma? drug they are encouraged to take that makes them happy and forget about whatever bad is happening/going on in their lives. It acts as an escape
Solidarity Service? communal get together ;), were people dance, sing, “pray”, get together
Violent Passion Surrogate? Once a month, people are required to go to the conditioning centre to have their systems flooded with adrenaline, which provides them with their ration of fear and rage, without actually having to act on any of it.
Alphas? ideal person, tall, lean, muscular, handsome, rich, don’t have to work hard, relaxed, very smart, jobs require the most intelligencegrey
Beta? somewhat intelligent, Lenina is a Beta, nurses mulberry
Gamma? bokanovsky process, drivers or engineers or butlersgreen
Delta construction and factory workerskhaki
Epsilons? lowest, stupid, not good looking, hardest workers, not ideal, poor black
“It’s not enough for the phrases to be good; what you make with them ought to be good too.” Who said it? What does it mean? Helmholtz Watson; it means just writing sentences that are good does not do anything. You have to produce something with them that is good as well, something that matters.
“Stability. No civilization without social stability. No social stability without individual stability.” The Controller, Mustafa Mond; it means that stability is the main concern. In the World State, stability is what makes everything run smoothly and without it, none of it would be possible.
“O brave new world that has such people in it.” John the Savage; he is quoting Shakespeare. This quote could relate to the New World in the story because it is new for John and he is interested in it and the people that live there.
“Don’t you want to be free and men? Don’t you even understand what manhood and freedom are? […] I’ll teach you; I’ll make you be free whether you want to or not.” John the Savage; at this point in the book, John is fed up with everyone being drugged up on soma. He wants the cycle to end of people just taking a drug to make them happy after periods of stress or work. It shows that he is standing up to things that he doesn’t think are right and is finally seeing the truth behind this society.
“It makes me feel as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, not so completely a part of something else. Not just a cell in a social body.” Bernard; here he feels that he is somebody. In his world, everyone is programmed in a way that doesn’t really differentiate people and he is starting to feel more himself.
“God isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine and universal happiness. You must make your choice. Our civilization has chosen machinery and medicine and happiness.” Mustafa Mond; has to do with man’s conception of God, not God himself. According to Mustafa, man can’t believe in God and be happy.

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