Brave New World Crossword

The Tempest Huxley derived the title for his novel from this Shakespearean play.
Escalator Squash Helmholtz was a perennial champion in this sport.
Fordliness In this society, “Cleanliness is close to ______.”
Benito Hoover Bernard envied him because he was able to move through Brave New World like a fish through water.
Pookong John wanted to participate in the flagellation ceremony so that he could pay homage to this pagan god.
Falkland Islands When the Controller gave Watson the choice, he chose to spend his exile here because of the bad climate.
Bonaparte He made a feely of John entitled “The Savage of Surrey” that made John once again a sensation in Brave New World.
Free Martins Sterilized women in Brave New World were called this.
Sixty The citizens of Brave New World were allotted a life span of this many years.
Malthusian Drill Females in Brave New World 12 to 17 years of age had to practice this three times a week as a precaution against unwanted pregnancies.
Revisited In 1958, Huxley wrote a commentary on Brave New World entitled Brave New World______
Riches One of the slogans in Brave New World, “The more stiches the less ________.”
Henry Ford The inventor of the model T, he is also accredited with the invention of the assembly line
Five The number of castes in Brave New World
Mulberry This reddish-purple hue is the color of the Beta uniform.
Helmholtz Watson He wanted to use his vast talents to do something noble for his fellow-man.
Prejudice Sadly, this social evil still exists in the Indian Reservation as well as the Brave New World; both John and Marx are victims of it.
New Mexico The Indian Reservation is located here.
History According to Ford, “________ is bunk.”
Four A hypnopaedic suggestion is repeated 100 times a day 3 nights a week for this many years; 62400 times in all.
Black Members of the lower caste wear uniforms of this somber color.
Hynopaedia According to the Director, “________ is the greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time.”
Solitude Watson wrote about this despite the suggestions that no one should ever be alone in Brave New World
Golf In Brave New World, one can either play the Obstacle or the Electro-magnetic version of this game
Sunset Bernard invites Lenina to watch this with him so that they might discover real feeling and emotion
Disease Brave New World has completely eradicated this
Kennedy Huxley died on the same date as this famous American President
Eclairs The hospital staff fed the children this while they visited the dying to desensitize them
Pueblo The word for indian village
pneumatic adjective meaning filled with air; biggest complement to give to woman in this society
cross the T in the book replaced this religious symbol
10 Number of controllers in BNW

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